10 Popular and Active Torrent Download Sites

Popular and Active Torrent Download Sites

Many people increasingly favor the BitTorrent data exchange system since the Internet speed is getting faster. Torrent was chosen because its peer-to-peer data exchange system is considered stable when someone downloads a file. In a peer-to-peer system, someone who joins the network will act as a downloader and uploader.

The more people who download a file, the faster and more stable the data transfer will be. While the server computer only provides the initial file to be distributed to the client computer. The client computer will then distribute the file as a seeder (download and upload the downloaded file to another computer).

Downloading files using this torrent has actually been around since 2001. However, it has only been popular in Indonesia for the past 10 years. Various types of files are shared for free via torrent download sites. Starting from pictures, videos, music, documents, applications, and games. Inactiontech will share the most popular torrent download sites.

However, it should be noted that this review is for information only. Inactiontech is not responsible for the risk of malware attacks and copyright infringement. Here are 10 of the most popular torrent downloads compiled from various sources.

1. YTS

Popular and Active Torrent Download Sites YTS

YTS is well-known as a provider of films with good video quality since its establishment in 2011. Even though it is good, the existing videos have small file sizes. According to the title, people who visit this torrent site can go directly to the search field to find movies.

You can also search for movies based on the most downloaded people ( trending ) or by certain filters. Filtering is quality, genre, rating, year of release, and language. YTS's collection of films ranges from HD (720p) to 4K resolution in terms of quality.

Some of the genres include action, comedy, horror, mystery, and thriller. All films are compiled from the early 1900s to the more recent ones. In total there are more than 25 thousand films. YTS often changes URLs, but when the Search signal tries this site, it can be accessed at https://yts.mx/.

2. Torlock

Popular and Active Torrent Download Sites Torlock

Torlock guarantees the authenticity of the contents of the files provided. If there is a link listed that does not match the file, someone can report it. Those who report will get a reward of 1 US dollar. Because of this, Torlock is relatively more secure.

On the Torlock site, there are various files. Movies, games, music, software, anime, e-books, pictures, and more. To search for files on this site, one can click on the appropriate category. You can also write in the search field. While waiting for the download to finish, you can also read the news options available.

Technology writer Dawn Teh said the site, founded in 2010, has an average download speed of 59.7 Mbps. There are about 4.5 million torrent files available. Not a few do not have a seeder, so the file cannot be downloaded. Torlock can be accessed from www.torlock.com.


Popular and Active Torrent Download Sites EZTV

What you feel when you first open the EZTV site is that it's comfortable. There are no welcome ads. The site is not adventurous and is easy to open. On this site, a wide variety of videos of TV shows, series, and movies. We did not find the famous South Korean reality show, Running Man, after typing it in the search field. However, the reality shows American Idol exists.

Apart from that, EZ TV is quite indulgent for the audience. People can follow up on date tv shows based on their release date. If you miss it, someone needs to look for it in the "Countdown List." All videos provided by the site, founded in 2015, have quality ranging from 480p to 2K (2160p) resolution. EZTV can be accessed at the link: eztv.re.

4. Torrentz2

Popular and Active Torrent Download Sites Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is actually not a site that provides torrent files. However, it is just a torrent search site, so it is not blocked in any country. Torrentz2 specifically works for searching torrent sites for music file providers.

The performance of this site is really fast as soon as the enter key is pressed. The response was only a fraction of a second when Cari Signal tried to find the file for the song To Be With You from Mr. Big.

Only, in the four pages of displayed results, not all of them are files that match the keywords. Torrentz2 has indexed more than 31 million active torrent files from 50 domains. The site that has been around since 2016 can be visited at torrentz2eu.org.

5. LimeTorrents

Popular and Active Torrent Download Sites LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is one of the most popular torrent sites in the world. This is not surprising because its existence has been detected since 2009. This site provides a variety of entertainment files. Such as movies, tv shows, music, games, and anime. Computer and smartphone applications are also here. All of them can be found through the column or refer to the category.

Not surprisingly, this site has a very large collection of files considering its long age. For the movie category alone, there are more than 2.1 million torrent files available. In total, there are almost 10 million torrent files from various categories.

What's interesting about this site is that one can search for torrent files based on their 'health'. If the health is good (green), it means that there are many seeders in the file. This means that the file download process can be smoother. LimeTorrents can be accessed from www.limetorrents.info.

6. 01Torrent

Popular and Active Torrent Download Sites 01Torrent

01Torrent is almost similar to YTS because the main dish is movies. When you first open it, you will be treated to highlights from the latest films. Under the highlight, there is a row of recently uploaded movies.

Not only movies are here, but there is also music, and tv shows are a mainstay. Even so, 01Torrent also provides applications, games, books, and anime. The interesting thing about this site is that you know the capacity of the film before it is downloaded. That way, you can estimate how much free space must be provided to save a movie file.

Accessing the 01Torrent site feels rushed because there are no annoying ads. Unfortunately, there is no filtering feature based on quality when searching for a movie or video. As a result, you have to check one by one to see the resolution.

7. The Pirate Bay (TPB)

Popular and Active Torrent Download Sites The Pirate Bay

Nothing can beat the popularity of The Pirate Bay (TPB) for now. It's only natural because TPB has been around since 2003. People who have been using torrents for a long time can be downloading files know this site.

At first glance, the earliest appearance of TPB resembles Google. Someone who accesses it is immediately treated to a search field. Below that search field are two buttons "Search" and "I'm Lucky". The thing that distinguishes it from Google is the existence of a search checklist by category.

The TPB site is also simple with no annoying ads. When you go to the file you are looking for, this site will tell you the file size, number of seeders, and leechers. Then, TPB also provides information on whether the file you want to download is trusted or not. The site changes URLs frequently, but we can try to access it from piratebay.party.

8. 1337x

Popular and Active Torrent Download Sites 1337x

The legendary torrent site other than TPB is 1337x. The reason is the same, because 1337x has also been around for a long time—established since 2007. On this site, various kinds of files are distributed for free, such as movies, television show videos, games, music, applications, anime, and others.

According to tech writer Dawn Teh, what makes the 1337x so popular is closely monitored. Strict supervision causes the quality of the files in it to be maintained. However, it would help if you still were wary of downloaded files. It could be that the file is infiltrated with malicious malware.

In terms of performance, this site is quite rushed because it is able to display search results immediately after pressing the enter key. After that, a row of files will be presented along with information on size, number of seeders and leechers, time of first upload, and the name of the uploader. Like other torrent download sites, 1337x also changes URLs frequently. However, when it was last accessed, Cari Signal managed to enter through the address www.1337x.am.

9. Zooqle

Popular and Active Torrent Download Sites Zooqle

Judging from the year of its establishment, Zooqle is indeed the greenest. This is because this torrent download site only appeared in 2013. Even though it is new, the appearance of this site is quite attractive and intuitive. On the front screen, there are tv-series and movies that people are looking for the most.

If it's not the movie or tv series you're looking for, you can switch your search by highlighting the category icons next to the search field. The categories that can be found are games and applications from various platforms. There are also anime and various e-books in the form of comics, magazines, textbooks, and so on.

Also, when you find the file you're looking for, there's a variety of file-related information that's included. Such as resolution, size, when it was first uploaded, and the health of a file. A file is said to be healthy if the number of seeders is large. Downloading files from this site does not require registration. Look for a successful signal to access Zooqle from the URL zooqle.unblockit.ltd.

10. Kickass Torrents

Popular and Active Torrent Download Sites Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents is an early download site because it was born in 2008. This site is quite popular because it has many loyal users. Some people may not like the initial appearance because it has a messy impression. The impression of clutter is reflected in the most popular keywords that grace the front of the site.

However, some people might like it. Because the decoration in front of the site will speed up category filtering, because there is no need to type a keyword in the search field. If the keywords listed above don't match, someone can hover their cursor in the right corner.

There people will find what is popular and top based on certain categories. Call it a tv show, game, app, music, movie, or anime. What makes Kickass Torrents different from other torrent download sites is the important information contained in a file.

That important information is who uploaded the file. If the uploader is verified, it is very likely that the file presented is guaranteed to be safe and authentic. Beyond that, the information written is standard like any other site. Such as seeder and leecher ratio, file size, and when the file was uploaded. The Kickass Torrent website can be accessed at https://kickasstorrent.cr/.

The emergence of BitTorrent technology, on the one hand, makes access to information or content more open. However, not a few of the content that is shared is copyrighted. Thus, the act of distributing and disseminating is very prone to result in violations. That's why many torrent download sites often change their addresses after getting blocked in various countries.

We have successfully tried to open the 10 torrent download sites above without using a VPN. However, it is possible that the ten sites will not be accessible in the future. Be wise and be careful in accessing torrent download sites to avoid cybercrimes.

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