7 Best Cashier Application Recommendations for Beginner Businessmen

Best Cashier Application

Increasing mobility and convenience is one of the key ways in adapting to the increasingly advanced and sophisticated business industry. One way to improve it is by using a cashier application or what is also known as a POS (Point of Sale).

This application plays an important role in managing a business or business such as a store. Things such as sales records to stock availability can be monitored and managed via this application. That way, users can manage their business maximally for better results. Here are 7 of the best cashier applications recommended for beginner business people.

1. Vend Cashier Application

Best Cashier Application

The first is Vend, whose popularity is beyond doubt. This application is used in many stores around the world, including Indonesia. Vend can be used for free with a paid option via subscription for more complete features and long-term use.

Through Vend, users can manage payments to get financial reports more easily. It can also be used offline as the data will be automatically stored in the cloud when reconnected to the internet. Very recommended vendor.

2. TruePOS Cashier Application

Cashier Application

Next up is True POS, a cashier application from India that comes with two different application versions. The former can be used free of charge but is more recommended for small or medium enterprises. The reason is, the free version can only support one cash register with a maximum of 100 transactions per month.

While the paid version unlocks the free version's limitations, it's just right for big businesses. True POS itself is web-based but can be integrated with a PC or cash register, plus it can store sales data when there is no internet connection.

3. MokaPOS Cashier Application

Cashier Application

MokaPOS is a cashier application designed to facilitate user operational business activities. It comes with a simple UI that is easy to navigate and various payment system options, including digital wallets.

Not only that, but Moka also provides features to provide daily sales reports, stock items, and tax calculations. There is also a special dashboard where users can analyze their business reports to continue to grow, management for more than one branch, and feedback.

4. Olsera POS

Cashier Application

Olsera POS is a cashier application claimed to be the only one that can help MSMEs because it offers affordable subscription fees. Even though it's paid, Olsera also has a free or Lite version, but of course, with some limitations.

Just like Vend, Olsera also supports offline users with automatic synchronization when they return online. Because it is cloud-based, Olsera users can manage their business, including knowing live reports anywhere and anytime. It is also available on almost all platforms like Android, iOS as well as PC.

5. Pawoon Cashier Application

Cashier Application Recommendations

As one of the best cashier applications that are easy to operate, Pawoon only takes about 5 minutes to set up before it's ready to use. It comes with several features one can expect from a cashier application in general, such as offline support, a practical digital payment system, and complete payment options, including a QR code.

Interestingly, potential users can also ask the Pawoon team to do a free Pawoon demo. In short, Pawoon is feature-rich, practical, and free because the activation process is free of charge.

6. Omega POS

Cashier Application Recommendations

Omega POS is a cashier application part of a platform called Omegasoft. This one application comes with many advantages, including an easy-to-learn system, a dashboard with complete data reports, and support for stock management so that users can update their product stock more easily.

Like Olsera POS, Omega is cloud-based, which provides an advantage when the user's business develops into many branches. Omega can be tried for 14 days (free trial) with a subscription option for long-term use.

7. Smart cashier

Cashier Application

Kasir Pintar is the last cashier application on this list that is suitable for all types of businesses. This application offers two versions, free and Pro.

The free version is certainly no better than the Pro version, where users can only manage their products up to 1000 items, create standard sales reports and receipts with watermarks. While the free version removes that limitation and provides users with other extra features such as monitoring staff login activity, recording purchases of goods from suppliers, and more complete cash flow management.

Those were the reviews and recommendations for the best cashier applications that are suitable for novice business people. If you have other suggestions, just write them in the comments below. It may be useful!

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