10 Best Fishing Games on PC that are Fun and Exciting

Best Fishing Games on PC

Fishing becomes one of the fun activities when you are tired of monotonous routines. This activity certainly sharpens your patience because it takes time to get fish. When you succeed in getting it, you will definitely feel satisfied and happy just like that.

Under certain conditions, fishing activities cannot be carried out at fishing grounds, at sea or in rivers. We are fortunate that we live in the digital era because these activities can be carried out in a virtual world on a video game platform. You can now fish all kinds of fish without having to leave the house.

Although the catch cannot be taken home, at least playing fishing games can quench your thirst for those who like to catch all kinds of fish. So, to make the atmosphere in your home more fun, Carisignal will provide recommendations for fishing games that can be played on the PC platform. Here is the full review.

1. Fishing: Barents Sea (2018)

Best Fishing Games on PC

The Barents Sea in the Norwegian region will be the best place for those who want to play this game. Explore the place in a small boat and catch all kinds of fish as you please. Game Fishing: the Barents Sea will offer an exotic feel of the beauty of the Norwegian ocean that can spoil your eyes.

At the start of the game, players will ride a small fishing boat. Furthermore, if they manage to catch more fish and collect money, players can improve the quality of the boat to make it even better.

In this game, players can build a fishing industry by recruiting ship crew members and carrying out various missions. Find the best fishing zones with the help of sonar, radar and GPS. Don't forget the weather changes too, and make sure there are no storms that come when you are in the middle of the ocean. Download Fishing: Barents Sea.

2. Ice Lakes (2016)

Best Fishing Games on PC

Ice Lakes is a winter fishing game through a sandbox approach. In this game, players can roam freely in the areas on the map, exploring the locations of rivers, ponds and lakes in various environments. The gameplay can be played individually or in multiplayer, and players can catch 30 species and assemble their own fishing rods.

The game environment is designed in such a way that it looks realistic. Players will face extreme climate change. These weather conditions can later affect the behaviour of fish so that some of them become wild and difficult to catch. In addition, to make it feel more exciting and real, this game can also be played via Virtual Reality (VR) technology. Download Ice Lakes.

3. Euro Fishing (2014)

Best Fishing Games on PC

For starters, players can use the basic tutorial features available in this game. But if you want to start playing right away, players can dive right in to one of five unique locations in Europe, such as Lake Digger and Lake St. John. Each place has its own challenges, and the realistic gameplay will certainly spoil players.

Using the Artificial Intelligence (AI) system developed, this game certainly provides levels of play through various levels of difficulty. Another interesting feature of this game is that there are real-life environmental effects, the changing of the day and the fish can respond to the temperature of the water.

In Euro Fishing, players can fish alone or compete with friends and opponents in the multiplayer tournament mode. Make sure to choose the right fishing equipment so that your chances of catching fish are easier—download Euro Fishing.

4. Fishing Planet (2015)

Best Fishing Games on PC

Fishing Planet is a multiplayer simulator game whose game concept was developed by fishing enthusiasts. In it, players will be treated to stunning graphics with environmental behaviour based on actual situations.

The behaviour of the fish is made in such a way through realistic AI intelligence so that playing this game feels alive. Through this AI feature, fish behaviour will be more reactive, such as attacking and biting players. There are approximately 120 species of fish that can be found and caught throughout the game.

The AI ​​system in this game is quite complex and dynamic. It also helps to make the features in this game such as the speed of the water flow, water temperature, air temperature, changing seasons, and the players can enjoy the climate. Fishing Planet is the right choice for you to improve your real fishing skills—download Fishing Planet.

5. Ultimate Fishing Simulator (2018)

Best Fishing Games on PC

There are two levels of difficulty that can be played in this one game, namely normal mode and realistic mode. For normal mode, players can enjoy the game with all the features. If playing in realistic mode, players must be extra patient because fishing is not as easy as one might think, and fish will be more difficult to catch.

In Ultimate Fishing Simulator, players will get a winter map and can fish in locations filled with ice. Find a suitable location for winter fishing, and don't forget to drill a wide layer of ice for the fish to be removed quickly.

If you are bored with the same location, players can create their own fishing spot in this game. Players can build new maps and share the game with other players in internet-connected multiplayer mode. Download Ultimate Fishing Simulator.

6. Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour (2018)

Best Fishing Games on PC

If you are skilled and tough enough in fishing, this one game is suitable to play. You can play in career mode and face more than 100 professional anglers, including Scott Martin, Jacob Wheeler, Ali Hamidi and Ian Russell. To start the game, players will choose a path to catch species of sea bass, carp and predators, or even all three.

While playing in career mode, players can find sponsors, earn income, raise reputation from amateur level to elite level. Players will be in various tournament locations such as Lake Guntersville, Lake Travis, Lake Gigantica and Manor Farm.

There are hundreds of fishing gear items to choose from, and there are over 50 official sponsors of various brands such as Evinrude, Booyah, Korda and RidgeMonkey. In addition, this game also features 29 different fish species such as varieties of Bass, Carp, Brown, Rainbow Trout, Wels Catfish and Channel Catfish. Download Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour.

7. Fishing Adventure (2019)

Best Fishing Games on PC

As the name implies, players will be invited to adventure to areas in America and Europe just for fishing in this game. Players will have eight different maps in each country, starting from Poland, Norway, Haiti to Canada. The locations visited have a predefined weather and time system.

Poland is the first country, and players will be greeted with thunderstorms and twilight. To unlock map access in other countries, players must first catch fish in the previous place and level up XP (Experience).

The gameplay of Fishing Adventure is pretty basic, and there are no complicated manoeuvres to do. Players need to catch as many fish as possible, earn money and travel to different countries for fishing. Players can use boats to go deeper into the waters and look for fish that are not available near the shore. Download Fishing Adventure.

8. Russian Fishing 4 (2018)

Best Fishing Games on PC

Russian Fishing 4 is a fishing simulator with RPG elements. There is no plot, and the entire process is based on the concept of the game world based on open ( open world ) . Players can, of course, play freely to explore the environment contained in this game.

At the start of the game, there are more than 80 species of fish, and over time their number will increase. Players can move freely in the water and can fish behind the shoreline or from a boat. Various fishing techniques were applied, such as float, bottom, and spinning. Each one is carefully designed to give the sensation of a real fishing experience.

As in real life, fish behaviour can vary depending on weather conditions, time of day and other factors. Players have the opportunity to develop skills such as bait making, bait harvesting, and even cooking the catch—download Russian Fishing 4.

9. The Fisherman – Fishing Planet (2019)

Best Fishing Games on PC

There are two ways to enjoy this game: choosing to take a training mission to learn how to fish or jump right in by trying to catch the most fish. Of course, the choice is in your hands because the difficulty level of this game will adjust to each player's abilities.

143 species of fish are ready to be caught, and they will exhibit unique and real behaviour. If you want to be really successful in this game, players must master at least four fishing techniques such as float fishing, spinning, bottom fishing and trolling.

The Fisherman - Fishing Planet will give players experience to improve their fishing skills in real life. Players can explore 19 lakes and rivers ranging from the Everglades in Florida to the shores of the Volga in Russia to the Gand-Terneuzen canal in the Netherlands. Download The Fisherman - Fishing Planet.

10. Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive (2014)

Best Fishing Games on PC

Depth Hunter 2 offers unique mechanics in fishing games. There is no fishing rod, only a mechanical spear that players will use to catch various types of fish. Players will later dive into the blue ocean while hunting all species of ocean animals.

There are 25 exciting missions in three major locations around the world. Players will hunt different fish species and face difficulties in carrying out fish hunting methods known as spearfishing and underwater hunting.

In some missions, players are required to find treasures and take underwater photos to capture the beauty of the underwater world. The rest, players can explore at the bottom of the ocean to hunt or carry out certain missions. Download Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive.

For those of you who really like fishing, of course, the recommended game options above are worth a try. By playing this game, you can hone your skills in managing fishing equipment so that your fishing skills are more reliable like a professional.

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