7 Best Android Apps to Find Lost Phones

Android Apps to Find Lost Phones

Bring Your Lost Phones Back

Losing a smartphone may be one of the “modern fears” that everyone doesn't want anymore. Not without reason, even though data is sometimes backed up in the cloud, smartphones are still a place to store a lot of important information.

Fortunately, there are several easy ways to find a lost phone via an app. Well, here are the 7 best applications to find lost phones.

1. Family Locator by Life360

Android Apps to Find Lost Phones Family Locator

Family Locator by Life360 has the functionality as its name suggests. This allows users to continuously track the location of their family or friends via smartphone. In other words, this application can also be used to help find a lost smartphone.

One of the advantages of this application is that users can control who can find their cellphone. Although it is not equipped with popular features such as automatically locking or erasing all data when the cellphone is lost, it is still worth trying, especially for parents who want to keep track of their child's position.

2. Find My Device

Android Apps to Find Lost Phones Find My Device

As the Android operating system owner, Google actually has an application to find a lost cellphone called Find My Phone. This can do what the application finds the cellphone does, such as ringing the cellphone, deleting the data inside so that others do not access it, or giving a message to the person who found it.

This app is free to use, with no ads or optional in-app purchases. The late 2018 update even brought indoor support for areas like malls, stadiums, and airports.

3. Cerberus

Android Apps to Find Lost Phones Ceberus

Cerberus is one of the best applications when it comes to applications to find lost cellphones. It has various features ranging from resetting and locking the cellphone, sounding an alarm, displaying a message on the screen to access the front camera to find out who stole or found a lost cellphone.

In addition, users can also hide Cerberus from the application list so that people who find their lost cellphones do not suspect that they are being watched. Cerberus itself is unfortunately not available on the Play Store and must be downloaded via the official website.

4. Prey Anti-Theft

Android Apps to Find Lost Phones Prey Anti Thef

Like the others on this list, Prey Anti-Theft has a function to help users find their lost cellphone. In recent years, Prey has become one of the people who are trusted to solve such problems.

This application has basic features such as finding your cellphone, locking your cellphone so others can't access it, and setting the alarm. Through Prey, users can also get network information to see where their cellphone is from. It's not much different from Google's Find My Phone, and best of all, it's also completely free.

5. Where's My Droid

Android Apps to Find Lost Phones Where's My Droid

Next is Where's My Droid, which is equipped with many features to help users save their cellphones in any situation. It is available in two versions, namely free and premium.

The free version allows users to enable GPS Flare for location alerts when the battery is running low and set a passcode to prevent changes within the app. In comparison, the premium version gives users the ability to take photos using a lost HP camera and delete all data both on internal and external storage.

6. McAfee Mobile Security

Android Apps to Find Lost Phones McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security is actually an anti-virus application but is also equipped with a feature to find the location of a lost cellphone. Through this application, users can get photos of people who steal or find their cellphones and then send them via email along with their location.

Mobile Security can also save the last location before the user's cellphone dies. In addition, for a clearer view, users can also access the official McAfee Mobile Security website in a browser on their PC to see the location of their lost cellphone more clearly.

7. Find My Mobile

Android Apps to Find Lost Phones Find My Mobile

Find My Mobile is actually not an application but a built-in feature that Samsung brings to its smartphones and tablets. As the name implies, Find My Mobile can help users find their lost or stolen mobile devices.

To see the lost device's location, users can go directly to the Find My Mobile site to find out. Like most apps on this list, Find My Mobile can also help users ring their cellphones even in silent mode, lock them so they can't be accessed, and delete their data remotely.

Those were the reviews as well as recommendations for the best applications to find a lost cellphone. Have a recommended app or another way to find a lost cellphone? Immediately write in the comments column yes!

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