10 Best Voting Apps for PC and Android, Make your choice

Best Voting Apps for PC and Android

Voting is indeed one of the fastest ways to choose during a discussion, so it takes a long time to make a decision. And now voting online is even more convenient than manually using paper. That's why you need a voting app for various needs.

The following are 10 application names, complete with the services available for each. Without further ado, here it is in full!

1. Google Forms

Best Voting Apps Google Form

It would not be wrong with a simple and to the point format if Google Forms are often used for many needs. Starting from conducting surveys to facilitating registration.

The features in it are also designed to make it easy for you to create and manage questionnaires. Such as the feature of making questions that are directly integrated with the format of making answers.

You can also insert pictures/videos or other options to make voting organized through the floating menu on the right. For its own use, setting up Google Forms is much more convenient via a desktop device than via a mobile phone. Visit the Google Forms page to create a voting column for free.

2. StrawPoll

Best Voting Apps StrawPoll

Want to create a poll that involves many people without having to share a link? This means you should try using StrawPoll. This voting application has a unique option to set whether the poll can only be accessed by Private or Public. That way, there is no need to have trouble getting voters if you need many samples.

Using it is also not at all problematic. You only need to write the title of the vote, description, and any questions. Don't hesitate to input an image at the same time if you need to.

Then for accurate results, StrawPoll can minimize double votes by activating the IP-Address Duplication Check mode. Unfortunately, you can only use StrawPoll via the desktop version. You can click here to start voting with StrawPoll.

3. Poll Everywhere

Best Voting Apps Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is arguably a voting application that is quite different from similar brands. Because to get a response, you must first activate the account. Likewise, voters need to be connected to your account to provide feedback.

Uniquely voting runs in real-time right then and there. In fact, every voter can also respond to other participant's input by upvote or downvote, you know. So the results will be immediately visible without having to set days.

Perfect for getting quick responses during seminars or meetings. In addition, this application can be accessed via the desktop only. Instead of being curious, just check the official page at this link.

4. Pollie

Best Voting Apps Pollie

Pollie can be a shortcut to make voting easier and faster just through an Android mobile. After entering the application, just type in the questionnaire questions and their answers to attach a picture at once.

One advantage of this voting application is in a system that is practically connected to various social media applications. Like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Email, or any other platform you want. In other words, the poll can only be opened and filled by anyone who gets the link.

Pollie is fairly "leaked" because the previous voting results also appear on the interface for new voters. So, voters' choices may be influenced by a high percentage of options. Try Pollie first for free on Android and iOS platforms via this link.

5. LINE Poll

Best Voting Apps Line

This feature is definitely not a foreign thing for those of you users of the LINE chat application. The concept is the same as Pollie. Namely, voters can fill in a multiple-choice format. LINE is also available for several platforms, namely iOS, Android, and Windows.

You can find the Poll feature by clicking the + sign, positioned in a row with the typing field. There are two types of voting, namely selecting options in the form of text or dates. For this reason, Line Polls are more often used to determine the day in a group or multi-personal chat.

So that the results are timely, do the setting when the charging end date. Automatically, only the answers of the voters who access it within a period are recorded. Just visit the LINE download page here.

6. Voliz

Best Voting Apps Voliz

Especially for WhatsApp users, the Voliz voting application can be another alternative to collect votes. Even so, to respond, voters only need to click on the voting maker's submission link without having to install the application.

Not just one, you can make more different votes. You can check detailed information on each vote in the My Polls feature, including who responded. Even more fun, you can immediately start a conversation with voters through this feature.

In addition to voting, according to his claim, Voliz is also suitable for making survey columns, Politics Poll, and Social Voting App. If you are interested in using this application, immediately install it via the Android Play Store and enjoy its convenience. Or, you can also click here.

7. Survey Monkey

Best Voting Apps Survey Monkey

Unlike other voting applications, Survey Monkey is available in Android and iOS applications or access via desktop. But what makes this application quite interesting is that the page design is simple but still professional with a wide selection of templates.

To be more varied, just use a variety of formats to add questions other than text mode. Such as multiple-choice models, dropdowns, fill in rating values, write paragraphs, or add images.

Also, take advantage of the voting facility to link to various social media accounts to get more audiences involved. This means that voters do not need to download Survey Monkey just to respond to voting. Practical, right? Visit the official page here.

8. SurveyHeart

Best Voting Apps SurveyHeart

Equally flexible, SurveyHeart can be run via desktop or applications based on Android and iOS. However, what makes this platform the most convenient is the feature of ready-to-use professional templates.

The layout of the creation of the questionnaire and its voting answers is immaculate and easy to understand. The answer choices are not limited to just multiple choice or text. There is also a model of filling in the date, time, and email.

One thing that makes SurveyHeart different from its competitors is when you do the settings via the desktop. Because the right bar will show how the voting on the device looks different while editing the question. Click this link to visit the page.

9. Suggestify

Best Voting Apps Suggestify

Holding a poll while discussing it with a larger voting community is now not a problem when using Suggestify. The concept of this application is basically more like social media that allows users to vote or build groups.

There will be various activities that you can do besides creating polls. For example, responding to each other's voting results by giving opinions through comments, setting the period, to adding hashtags.

The voting results themselves will appear directly even before filling out the vote. And if you tap on it further, it will show who the poll participants are. Don't forget, you can only access this application by downloading it for free from Android or iOS. Visit this page to download it.

10. Pollpop

Best Voting Apps Pollpop

The last voting application that also utilizes the concept of exchanging opinions with a comfortable interface is Pollpop. Pollpop makes it easy for you to share questions with other users who just installed this application through its features.

After the poll is posted, then the voting results will appear based on the voters variable. Starting from the location, gender, and age range. Interested in using the Pollpop app?

Just download it for free via the Play Store or Apple Store without worrying about ads. If you want to visit the download page for both, you can click this link.

That's our version of the best voting application. Although almost all applications seem to have the same facilities, you must re-use them according to your needs.

Like voting amid work that demands a more professional appearance and quality, hopefully, this recommendation can be an alternative for you to vote online. Good luck!

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