Here are the 10 Best Uninstaller Program Windows 10

Best Uninstaller Program Windows 10

You may have a PC that is already installed by a variety of applications. The number of these applications can make your laptop slow and take up space on the hard drive that should accommodate important files that are more needed. Well, to delete an application, you need to do a process called uninstall.

Windows itself has a  built-in uninstaller program, namely "Add or remove programs." However, this process usually still leaves some files, so the program can't be said to have been completely deleted.

Moreover, there could be applications that are naughty and difficult to uninstall normally. An uninstaller application is needed to perform the uninstall process much better than the default Windows features to overcome this. Let's find out about the 10 best uninstaller programs windows 10 that you can try below!

1. Geek Uninstaller

Best Uninstaller Program Windows 10 Geek Uninstaller

Since uninstalling applications should be accessible to everyone, Geek Uninstaller offers an interface that is so easy. It is guaranteed that those who have been used to using the usual uninstaller from Windows will definitely use this one application.

Not only that, but even Geek Uninstaller also supports deleting apps downloaded via the Windows Store, and there are absolutely no files left after uninstalling. Sometimes, when an application is installed through an incorrect process (the installation process is canceled suddenly, or the laptop runs out of battery during the installation process), the application will "act up" and be difficult to remove.

Well, there's no need to be upset because this Geek Uninstaller application will "force" so that the application that acted earlier can be removed so that you, too, can get more free space on your hard drive.

Geek Uninstaller has so many features, and for sure, he is more thorough in deleting applications than the Windows default uninstaller program. However, there is one more thing that is guaranteed to surprise you – this application is only 2.52 MB in size. Zip! In fact, you don't even need to install it because Geek Uninstaller is portable.

Take it easy, and this application is free,  you know! However, they also provide a Pro version with various additional features, one of which is to uninstall multiple programs in one click. This Pro version can be purchased for $24.95, and you can have it forever (not a subscription fee ). Let's have Geek Uninstaller via this link!

2. Advanced Uninstaller Pro

Best Uninstaller Program Windows 10

If you want to try an application with more features, Advanced Uninstaller Pro is guaranteed not to make you regret it. You see, unlike Geek Uninstaller, this application already provides a  batch removal feature for free!

Not only that, but you can also choose the option to automatically scan for files that are still left after the uninstallation process is complete. Later, Advanced Uninstaller Pro will display statistical data on how many files or registry data failed to delete.

Even in terms of appearance design, this application looks more attractive and has navigation features that are easy to operate. Oh yes, even though this application can be fully enjoyed for free, you can also choose the paid option.

There is an additional alias extension called Daily Health Check that will add functionality to the application. For example, you can do startup application management  (applications that automatically run when you turn on your PC). Also, you can delete temporary files to make your PC run faster.

Unlike Geek Uninstaller Pro, which can be purchased through a  one-time payment system, the paid version of Advanced Uninstaller Pro provides a subscription system. The lowest price is $9.10 for 30 days, then $10.15 for 1 year, and the highest is $15.60 for 2 years. Let's download it for free (or buy the paid version) via this link!

3. Wise Program Uninstaller

Best Uninstaller Program Windows 10 Wise

This Wise Program Uninstaller also has several unique features that are no less interesting than other applications. By right-clicking on a program, you can choose to go to its registry entry in RegEditor.

In addition, there is also a context menu feature, so you can still uninstall programs using this application without having to open the application first. The trick, right-click on the program and select the "Uninstall with Wise Program Uninstaller" menu.

To make it easier for you to carry out the installation process, this application is also beneficial because it has several options or application removal methods. For example, in addition to "Safe Uninstall," you can also do "Custom Uninstall."

This is useful if there are programs installed but not detected in the list so that you can browse and select applications manually. Download the application here for free.

4. IObit Uninstaller Free

Best Uninstaller Program Windows 10

This IObit Uninstaller Free seems to be one step ahead of most other applications. You see, you can not move programs, but you can also be upgraded to updates from installed applications.

This uninstaller application is also proclaimed to delete applications faster than the default uninstaller, ensuring that no files are left after the application is uninstalled. Interestingly, you can also remove various plugins from your browser that you might accidentally install.

Sometimes, when we surf in cyberspace, we accidentally activate notifications or install toolbar applications that we don't want. IObit Uninstaller Free is useful for blocking these notifications, so you don't get distracted and remove things like toolbars and plugins. Get IObit Uninstaller Free right now here!

5. Revo Uninstaller

Best Uninstaller Program Windows 10 Revo

There are times when you are lazy to look for the application you want to delete on a list. If you want a new way of finding apps, use Revo Uninstaller. This application comes with the help of a unique feature called Hunter Mode.

As the name implies, you seem to be "hunting" the application you want to delete, like hunting deer in the forest. When this mode is activated, the cursor will change shape to be like a gunshot. It would help if you directed this shot to a  shortcut on the desktop, an open program window, or the logo in the system tray.

When you "aim" at a program, you will be given the option to uninstall, and there are also several other options. For example, you can set the targeted application to no longer start immediately when a new PC is turned on. Or, if the application is running, you can also kill the process like when using the Task Manager.

6. Comodo Programs Manager

Best Uninstaller Program Windows 10 Comodo

Indeed, the uninstaller application is intended to make it easier for users than the default uninstaller. Therefore, Comodo Program Managers are here for you.

Maybe you've accidentally uninstalled an app. Don't be afraid because Comodo Program Managers can restore conditions to their original state with the same settings. This is because Comodo Program Managers always save backups automatically before the uninstall process starts.

So that your PC is not in trouble, Comodo Program Managers can also monitor changes caused by an application to your PC. This is really useful so that applications that turn out to be dangerous can be detected immediately and can be addressed immediately by uninstalling them. You can get Comodo Program Managers via this link.

7. Puran Uninstaller

Best Uninstaller Program Windows 10 Puran

Again, there is an uninstaller application for PC that is right for you, called Puran Uninstaller. Don't be fooled by its relatively ordinary appearance because this application has a top-notch uninstalling feature. Not only can you uninstall normally, but you can also choose Force Uninstall for stubborn applications.

The app also has a useful sorting system. You can separate which applications are from Microsoft and which applications you install yourself. This sorting is separate from whether you want to sort from largest size first, most recent installation date, etc. Anyway, when activated, Microsoft applications will always appear at the top.

You can also get information related to certain applications online with just one click. And, if you doubt the authenticity of the applications that have been installed, you can also verify the digital signature. Interested? What are you waiting for! Get the app here!

8. UninstallView

Best Uninstaller Program Windows 10 Uninstallview

UninstallView is a replacement application form MyUninstaller. Given that the MyUninstaller application is quite old and its features are classified as obsolete,  the developer finally decided to replace it with UninstallView. You can use this application even if you only use Windows XP, be it 32 bit or 64 bit.

At first glance, this app may seem easy to operate. But actually, the uninstall options listed here are the ones you can find when using the built-in uninstaller. This means that UninstallView will not delete the registry key by default.

You have to do the settings first by modifying the UninstallView.cfg file. It's actually not that difficult, but it's still not as intuitive or simple as the other apps on this list.

Uniquely, certain applications can be uninstalled silently through the quiet installation option. When this option is selected, absolutely no interface window appears. Anyway, suddenly the application has been deleted.

That was just one of its unique features, and there are many others. For example, you can also choose the duration of the app removal process – fast, medium, and slow. By default, the selected duration is slow.

But this slow uninstallation can completely remove apps, leaving no files. Meanwhile, if you choose the fast duration option, there may be some files that are missed.

UninstallView also allows users to perform remote program removal. Yes, you can uninstall applications on your office PC even if you are at home using a laptop, perfect for working from home.

9. ZSoft Uninstaller

Best Uninstaller Program Windows 10 Zsoft

Next is ZSoft Uninstaller, which has a tiny size. Downloading it will not take more than 5 seconds (unless you have internet problems). With its simple design, this app doesn't actually easily display information.

For example, you cannot see information about the size or date when an application was installed in the application list. However, apparently, you can analyze the programs on your PC, you know!

This analysis can be done to remove the application and require the PC to restart completely. Also, you can hide unnecessary apps from appearing in the list. Usually, these hidden applications should not be uninstalled, such as drivers and other important programs.

Its basic features are also present, such as removing the registry after uninstalling an application, searching for left behind files, and finding temporary files. You can download the application via this link.

10. OESIS Endpoint Assessment

Best Uninstaller Program Windows 10 OESIS

Finally, there is an uninstaller software product called OESIS Endpoint Assessment. Actually, this is not an application specifically for uninstalling programs but rather for monitoring installed programs.

When first run, this application will automatically scan your PC to display any installed programs. And, if the application you are looking for is not displayed in the list, make a  deep product discovery. These programs will also be labeled by type and category.

However, please note that OESIS Endpoint Assessment is not an application intended for beginners because certain methods require users to understand a little about programming and coding.

Well, those are the 10 best uninstaller programs windows 10 that can carry out the uninstall process thoroughly and are rich in features. Finally, you don't need to be confused anymore if there is software crashing that is difficult to install because almost all of the applications above provide the Force Uninstall feature. Good luck!

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