9 Best Movie Watching Apps On Android

Best Movie Watching Apps On Android

Watching Movies Made Easier

Watching movies can be fun alternative entertainment for many people. Now watching movies is not only done in theaters or on a PC but also on smartphones.

Watching movies on a smartphone provides its own enjoyment because it is more practical and can be done anytime and anywhere.

Various movie player applications for Android have sprung up to pamper smartphone users. Each of these movie player applications has unique features that compete with each other to win users' hearts.

Movie watching Android app for movie addicts

If you're looking for a suitable app for watching movies, Keepo has 10 recommended apps for you. Here's an android application to watch movies online that you can try.


Best Movie Watching Apps On Android HOOQ

HOOQ is a video-on-demand streaming service that officially operates in Indonesia. You can watch thousands of films and television series from home and abroad to quench your thirst. The cool thing is, all the movies and series that are shown are supported with HD quality.

You can download the Hooq app here.

2. Snagfilms

Best Movie Watching Apps On Android

This app provides a huge selection of independent movies, TV shows, and documentaries for free. Since its appearance in 2007, many users have loved the application because there are not many ads that appear to interfere with your enjoyment of watching movies. Interested in downloading it?

You can download the Snagfilms app here.

3. Showbox

Best Movie Watching Apps On Android

Showbox is one of the most popular movie-watching applications and is also widely downloaded by Android users. Through this application, you can watch many movies and TV series and can enjoy various interesting features contained in this application.

You can download the Showbox application here.

4. Flipps

Best Movie Watching Apps On Android Flipps

Flipps can be an android application to watch movies of choice that you can try because many smartphone users download it. If you are a sports lover, this application provides live sports event shows. The cool thing is that this application works with credible news sites such as CNN and BBC.

You can download the Flipps app here.

5. Terrarium TV

Best Movie Watching Apps On Android

The android application for watching movies that you can make the next choice is Terrarium TV. This application is one of the best applications for watching the latest movies and tv series on android.

This application offers streaming features as well as downloading your favorite movies in high quality, such as the popular series Walking Dead or Game Of Thrones, and many more.

You can download the Terrarium TV application here.

6. Viewster

Best Movie Watching Apps Viewster

Viewster is also an application for watching movies that is quite popular with smartphone users. This application provides a variety of movies and TV series that can be downloaded for free. Cool again, this application has a feature to filter the language. Interested in downloading it?

You can download the Viewster app here.

7. Tubi TV

Best Movie Watching Apps On Android TubiTV

Tubi TV has an unsightly appearance and can be accessed from various devices such as smartphones and tablets because the mobile version has been optimized.

In addition, every time you play a movie or TV series, Tubi TV will display complete information such as the genre of the film, its duration, and its release date.

You can download the Tubi TV application here.

8. Newest Movies HD

Best Movie Watching Apps Newst Movie HD

This application can be a mainstay if you are broke and want to watch a movie at the cinema. Newest Movies HD provides the latest and best box office movies.

Not only movies and TV series, but Newest Movies HD also presents a variety of popular cartoon shows from the newest to the classics. In terms of appearance, this application is also attractive and easy to use.

You can download the Newest Movies HD application here.

9. Megabox HD

Best Movie Watching Apps Megabox

Megabox HD provides a wide variety of movies and television series with HD quality enjoyable to watch. One of the advantages of this application is the filter feature to filter movies and TV series based on popularity and rating to be recommended to you. Cool, right?

You can download the Megabox HD application here.

Those are 9 movie-watching android apps for those of you who like watching movies. These applications have their advantages and disadvantages, and you can choose them according to your needs. Good luck. 

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