7 Best Apps to Make WhatsApp Stickers

Best Apps to Make WhatsApp Stickers

In the past, emojis and GIFs have always been an alternative way for most people to express their emotions or feelings when using social media or messaging apps. But now, slowly but surely, stickers are becoming a popular and favourite new alternative because, like emojis and GIFs, they are easy to use.

Not only is it easy to use, but users can also now easily create their stickers for several messaging apps like WhatsApp. Here are recommendations for some of the best applications for making WhatsApp stickers.

1. Sticker Maker

Best Apps to Make WhatsApp Stickers

The first is Sticker Maker – a sticker maker app where you can make cute stickers as you wish. The steps to make stickers in the application are very easy. You just need to add a picture, do it, then put a sentence or an emoji if you want.

In addition to using images in the gallery, you can also use the "Text Sticker" provided directly and editable. To add to WhatsApp, you just export it. It can be downloaded for free with an optional premium version.

2. Sticker Maker (Viko & Co)

The latter has the same name as the first but was developed by Viko & Co. This application has a design that is almost similar to WhatsApp, and the stickers you create here can be directly exported to WhatsApp.

Crop with the freehand method is also available in this application, where users can crop the image they want.

Interestingly, there are also Community stickers that you can visit to see other people's stickers. You can visit it to get inspiration from the stickers you will make.

3. Wemoji

Best Apps to Make WhatsApp Stickers

Just like the application in the previous point, Wemoji also has a user-friendly UI that is simple and easy to navigate. After uploading an image to make a sticker, you can choose to crop it in the form of a square, circle, or freehand alias freely.

You can add text or emoji to then save and share on WhatsApp or other messaging applications.

Wemoji also has a tool to zoom in if at any time you want to do a freehand crop more neatly. If you don't want to, you can turn off the zoom tool through the settings.

4. Sticker Create

Best Apps to Make WhatsApp Stickers

Sticker Create allows you to create your stickers and share them on messaging apps like WhatsApp. This one has quite complete features where in addition to cropping, you can also add effects such as blur or filters and remove the background.

Besides that, you can also add emojis and clipart to the stickers you make if you want.

Sticker Create may not have a simple UI, but this one is recommended because of the myriad editing features it offers.

5. Sticker Studio

Best Apps to Make WhatsApp Stickers

Sticker Studio has several editing features to customize stickers, such as freehand cropping and adding text. In this application, you can make stickers directly from the camera or existing images.

In addition, with Sticker Studio, you can create stickers using GIFs and videos easily and quickly, in addition to other advantages such as Google Drive synchronization to make backups.

Sticker Studio has a Pro version that can be purchased to unlock additional fonts and remove ads. Besides WhatsApp, the stickers created in this application can also be used on Telegram.

6. Animated Sticker Maker

Best Apps to Make WhatsApp Stickers

As the name implies, Animated Sticker Maker is a sticker maker application where you can create animated or moving stickers. You can create stickers directly from the camera, video, or draw directly.

When creating animated stickers, you can also import GIFs from GIPHY for later editing with the various tools provided.

It's easy to edit every frame of the animated sticker you create, just as it's easy to add text and emoji to make the sticker look more interesting.

7. Sticker Maker (Stackify)

Best Apps to Make WhatsApp Stickers

Stackify's Sticker Maker allows you to organize custom WhatsApp stickers into separate groups or packs. You can choose between creating regular or animated stickers and cropping them in circles, squares, or freehand.

In this application, you can also add text, border and remove background. The UI that is carried is quite simple and easy to learn.

So like most of these apps on this list, Sticker Maker has a premium version without annoying ads.

Those were the reviews as well as recommendations for the best applications to make your own WhatsApp stickers. All of the above applications can be downloaded for free, with some of them having an optional Pro or premium version.

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