5 Apps To Help You Sleep Better

Apps To Help You Sleep Better

Apps that can help you to sleep better

The presence of smartphones is often used as a scapegoat for many people who experience insomnia. People are now very attached to smartphones. It is rare for smartphones to be separated from their hands and eyes, including when sleeping.

Many people still play smartphones even though it's time to sleep. It is considered capable of triggering insomnia in that person.

Radiation from smartphones and the incessant rumbling of the internet and social media are factors that make people experience insomnia. Insomnia is usually always accompanied by anxiety. Anxiety is what usually makes a person have difficulty sleeping.

That's why there are now people creating apps that can help people get a good night's sleep for people who have trouble falling asleep or who feel that they don't sleep well. Here are 5 apps that can help you sleep better.

Here are 5 apps that can help you sleep well

Smartphones can indeed be the cause of someone having trouble sleeping, aka insomnia. But what is wrong is the way the person uses the smartphone. If the person can be wise in using it, of course, insomnia will not occur.

Finally, some people want to make smartphones also a solution to the problems that are thought to be caused by them, namely by creating a deep sleep-aiding application. Here are 5 apps that can help you sleep soundly.

1. White Noise – Sleeping Sounds

Apps To Help You Sleep Better White Noise

The first application that can help you sleep well is White Noise – Sleeping Sounds. If you feel calmer when you hear the sound of rain or the sound of running water, that's not unusual. The sound of rain and water currents are included in the type of white noise sound.

This type of white noise sound can make people more focused and calmer. This application provides various types of white noise sounds that make you calmer and make it easier for you to sleep well.

Download White Noise – Sleeping Sounds

2. Calm Meditate

Apps To Help You Sleep Better Calm Meditate

The next application that can help you sleep soundly is Calm Meditate. You can use this application, especially for those trying to meditate, to help you sleep better.

This application provides meditation programs for various categories, from beginner, intermediate, to advanced. There are many meditation sessions that you can choose from with different durations.

There is a duration of 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, up to 25 minutes. So it is very suitable for you to use before bedtime to make it easier to sleep and have good sleep quality.

Download Calm Meditate

3. Relax Melodies

Apps To Help You Sleep Better Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies is also very suitable for the list of applications that can help you sleep well. Usually, people who experience insomnia are caused by the anxiety that is being felt, depression, stress, etc.

It all makes the mind and body not calm, not relaxed, not relaxed. That's why the Relax Melodies application is perfect for those of you who feel it all.

This app provides more than 100 soothing sounds to put you to sleep. The sounds provided are perfect for relaxation so that sleep becomes easier and more restful.

Download Relax Melodies

4. Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

Apps To Help You Sleep Better Rain Sleep Sounds

The next application that can help you sleep soundly is Rain Rain Sleep Sounds. Rain at night, when bedtime has come, is very liked by many people. The sound of rain is very soothing to hear and really helps to make sleep more sound and quality.

But of course, we can't control when it rains. That's why there are applications that provide rain sounds that can be heard before bedtime. Rain Sleep Sounds application is one of them.

This application provides the sound of rain and various other natural sounds such as the sound of ocean waves and the sound of lightning for relaxation to become calmer and have a good and quality sleep.

Download Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

5. Sleepo

Apps To Help You Sleep Better Sleepo

The last application that can help you sleep well is Sleepo. This application provides a variety of HD sounds that can be combined to produce a delighted calm.

You can choose various sounds provided by this application, such as the sound of rain, other natural sounds, to the sound of soothing music. You can set the operating time of this application so that the sound from this application will turn off when you are asleep. This application is also very suitable to be used for meditation.

Download Sleepo

Those are 5 applications that can help you sleep well that you can download, install, and use to make you free from insomnia or difficulty sleeping, as well as from the restless feelings that often make your sleep less restful.

But the most powerful solution is, of course, wise in using a smartphone. Stop playing smartphone a few moments before bedtime, and keep the smartphone away from our bodies when sleeping.

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