10 Legal and Free PC Game Download Sites

Legal and Free PC Game Download Sites

Games have become an important part for many people, whether to relieve fatigue, a hobby or a profession. Seeing this, many game publishers are competing to create games with interesting storylines, features, and visuals to satisfy gamers.

Developing a game requires many funds, so original games, especially for PCs, are priced quite well. Not surprisingly, the collection of free PC games that can be downloaded legally is not much.

But you don't need to worry because several sites still provide game download services for free and are certainly legal. Here are 10 recommendations for free and legal PC game download sites for curious about anything.

1. Acid Play

Legal and Free PC Game Download Sites

Acid Play is a free PC game download site that has been around since 2002. Until now, the collection of free games available on this site has reached more than 1000 games.

When you open the main page of this website, you will find a list of popular games complete with brief descriptions, genres and ratings, making it easier for you to choose the game that suits you.

The game collection from Acid Play includes retro arcade games such as MapleStory, Super Mario, to Sonic. Not only that, but they also offer other game genres such as role-playing games, simulations, adventures and others. You can immediately explore the collection of free games on the Acid Play website for those who are curious.

Once you find the game you are looking for, each game page provides a download link. Download speeds on Acid-Play are excellent, there are still some games that aren't hosted on the site, but these seem to be in the minority. 

Broken links are not a problem with Acid-Play as the site is updated regularly. The ad placement isn't overwhelming either. While there are ads around the download links, it's pretty clear where the actual file download links are placed versus the ads.

2. Origin

Legal and Free PC Game Download Sites

Surely you are already familiar with the Origin game download platform for fans of games developed by Electronic Arts (EA). Although Electronic Arts Inc. owns this platform, they also provide several games developed apart from EA. So, the variety of games they provide is quite wide.

Origin contains social features such as profile management, network with friends with live chat and plays joining together with in-game overlays, streaming via Twitch and game library sharing, and community integration with networking sites such as Facebook and Xbox Live PlayStation Network, and Nintendo Network. 

In 2011, Electronic Arts stated that Origin wanted to match Valve's Steam service, Origin's main competitor, by adding cloud game storage, automatic patches, achievements, and cross-platform release.

Within a certain period of time, Origin will provide access to download premium games for free. The version they offer is not a trial but the full premium version. So, you can check out this Origin page for those interested in accessing the free games provided by them.

3. Steam

Legal and Free PC Game Download Sites

Steam is a site that provides services for buying original game licenses online. In addition to providing paid games, the platform managed by Valve also has a large collection of games that can be downloaded for free.

The collection of free games they provide includes well-known games, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, World of Warships and many more. Not only that, but Steam also has a special site for free access giveaways for some of their game collections.

In addition, IGN, which is a media site for video games and entertainment, provides monthly access keys to download premium games for free on Steam. So, for those who want to get this opportunity, you can browse this IGN page.

You as gamers can also buy original games without having to think about the cost because of the Steam Sale program, although sometimes you also have to be willing to spend more for new games that are expensive. It seems that Steam has a positive effect, especially for gamers because it makes it a habit to buy original products.

You can directly visit the Steam website for those curious about collecting free games provided by this platform.

4. GOG

Legal and Free PC Game Download Sites

Gog.com is a free and paid PC game download site. This site works with more than 600 partners and among them many indie game developers. The range of game collections is quite wide, ranging from well-known classic games to modern games.

This company, based in Warsaw, Poland, does have its uniqueness. The CD Projekt group has policies that are often in favor of gamers.

That's why every product, until GOG gets support from big fans of CD Projekt Red so that the digital distribution of this PC game can still compete with Steam.

GOG also provides many price discounts. Especially the CD Projekt Red games that are sold on GOG. Can get a discount of 70 percent, there are even up to 85 percent.

Then, GOG also guarantees that all of its collections are DRM-free so that ownership of downloaded games is 100% owned by users, just like buying physical games. You can directly access all the free games provided by GOG through this page.

5. itch.io

Free PC Game Download Sites

itch.io is a platform for indie game creators to sell the games they develop for free or paid. The free games collection is also quite varied, ranging from simulation games, adventure, horror, and action to multiplayer games.

If you're looking for games to play, itch.io can help you browse games either randomly, divided by genre, or divided by price. Keep in mind that itch.io is purely indie games, so don't expect to suddenly find a giant AAA game on this site selling for US$0.

The games they provide are not limited to the PC platform. They also have a collection of games for mobile and web-based games. So, for those who want to see what free games can be downloaded, you can directly check the itch.io website.

6. Epic Games Store

Free PC Game Download Sites

Although this PC game download site is called the Epic Games Store, they also provide some games that can be downloaded for free. This site has a program where every week they will give access to download some premium games.

Like the Humble Bundle, the Epic Games Store seems to be trying hard to attract consumers to glance at their market. By promising a free game every two weeks. 

Steam only makes it free at certain moments, and the decision is left to the game owner without any routine commitments. PS4 often gives free games even though it requires a particular membership

One thing that attracts gamers is that this site provides access to download the popular game Fortnite for free. For those who are curious about the list of free games they provide, you can visit the Epic Games Store page.

7. Garena

Free PC Game Download Sites

Apart from providing services for streamers, Garena also provides access to free PC game downloads. This Southeast Asia-based platform provides download access for well-known games such as League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth.

Not only giving access to mobile games, but Garena also has some of the latest PC games. You could say Garena is a publisher or intermediary for mobile and PC games from the original developers so that they can be played by all of us today.

Unfortunately, so far, the collection of free game downloads they offer is just that. Even though the collection is very narrow, if that's what you're looking for, then this free PC game download site is right for you. You can directly visit Garena's website for those who want to see the features and services they offer.

8. Game Jolt

Legal and Free PC Game Download Sites

Game Jolt is a platform that provides free and paid PC game download services. The games provided by this site are games made by indie game developers ranging from old games to new games.

Game Jolt provides filters based on OS, rating, and genre to make it easier for gamers to choose the right game. If you are curious about the collection of this free PC game download site, you can directly visit Jolt Game.

9. Microsoft Store

Free PC Game Download Sites

In addition to providing a place to download for Microsoft products such as Office or Windows OS, the Microsoft Store also provides a free PC game download page. There are also quite some game categories, ranging from strategy games, racing, shooting, simulation and much more.

The collection of games they provide also includes simple games with small sizes, such as Candy Crush, Township, Angry Bird, so that these games will not burden your PC device. The entire collection of free games can be browsed through the Microsoft Store website for interested users.

10. Green Man Gaming

Free PC Game Download Sites

Green Man Gaming is a free and paid PC game download site. This site collaborates with several well-known game publishers such as EA, Activision, Capcom, Rockstar, Sony, etc. So, the games they provide are definitely not the result of piracy or legal.

The collection of free games provided by Green Man Gaming includes several popular games, such as Fortnite, World of Tanks, Dota 2, to League of Legends. The entire collection of free games that they offer can be searched directly through the Green Man Gaming website.

Those are 10 recommendations for free and legal PC game downloads. In addition to getting games for free, downloading games legally on these sites signifies our appreciation for game developers who have worked hard to create the best games.

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