10 Lightweight Online Games for PC

Lightweight Online Games for PC

Currently, various kinds of PC games offer online game mechanics with graphic quality treats that are clear and beautiful to look at. Therefore, it is not surprising that almost many PC games today require high specifications if you want to play them.

But, you can still play lightweight online games with good graphics or classic nuances for those who have a PC or laptop with light specifications. So, you must be curious, what is the list of lightweight online games? So, take a look at the recommendations below.

1. Valorant, Best Lightweight Online Games for PC

Lightweight Online Games for PC

The game concept of this game presents a duel between two teams of five players each. You can choose one of the agent characters who have special abilities before entering the battle arena.
The five agents in one team certainly have different special skills, and you have to take advantage of each other's abilities to win the match.
Later, the second team will be divided into defensive and attacking teams. Assault team missions detonate bombs called Spikes in various places to detonate.
While the defence team, you have to try to defuse the bomb. The battle itself consists of 25 rounds, and the team that manages to win the initial 13 rounds is declared the winner.

2. Among Us

Lightweight Online Games for PC Among Us

This is a viral game that is being widely discussed in the social media world at the time of this writing. Among Us itself is a multiplayer game that can be played by 4 to 10 players.
The game is quite simple, and each of you will play the role of Crewmates and Impostors.
The game will take place in the spaceship, the main base, and Polus's planet. The mission of the Crewmates is to complete assigned tasks, from refueling engines, maintaining aircraft systems, and installing electrical wiring.
In addition, they must also identify the whereabouts of Scams who are members of Crewmates.
As for the Impostor, they have a mission that is quite vital by having to kill all members of the Crewmates without anyone knowing. They also have to destroy, sabotage, and thwart all the tasks carried out by the Crewmates.

3. Star Wars: Empire at War

Lightweight Online Games for PC

The next lightweight online game is Star Wars: Empire at War. Three game modes can be played in this game: Storyline-based Campaign, Galactic Conquest, and Skirmish.
The third mode offers epic battles that will take place on land to space.
In Campaign-based storyline mode, players will be in between the timeline of the Star Wars Episode III and IV films.
The players must complete various important missions, such as stealing the X-wing Squadron aircraft prototype to have to participate in the Battle of Yavin.
While in Galactic Conquest mode, players can choose to control the Rebel Alliance troops or choose a neutral party, namely the Pirate faction.
All three have missions that must be done according to the scenario that is played. Later, players must kill Mon Mothma, Emperor Palpatine and destroy or protect the Death Star.
Meanwhile, players will be presented with a classic RTS battle mode with battles on land and in space for the Skirmish mode.
Inland battles, players must destroy enemy bases. Likewise, players must attack in space until they enter the enemy's space to be blown up.

4. Terraria

Lightweight Online Games for PC

Terraria is a sandbox game that offers 2D visuals. The characteristic of this game focuses on aspects of exploration, crafting, survival, mining, development, to combat.
This game can also be played in single-player or multiplayer via Online Co-op.
At the beginning of the game, players start with low health and magic levels.
Players can also level up both by searching for various items and resources available in certain areas.
In addition, players will face various types of enemies that appear quite randomly. Players can fight them by using swords, bows, magic spells, and summoning reinforcements.
Then, there are also bosses to fight and defeat them. Players can use skills that have been leveled up to win easily.

5. Stardew Valley

Lightweight Online Games for PC Stardew Valley

In this game, players will act as farmers and ranchers who inherit a field in the village of Stardew Valley. The next player must plant and care for various kinds of plants to take care of farm animals.
Players can then mine mineral rocks, produce equipment, and sell various crops that have been planted.
The game is endless, and players can engage in social activities with the citizens of Stardew Valley until they finally get married.
Stardew Valley can be played by up to 4 players online. The players will work together to develop agricultural land and livestock to make it more prosperous.

6. Grounded

Lightweight Online Games for PC Grounded

Grounded is a survival-style game that can be played from a first- or third-person perspective. The character that will be played later is told to experience a shrinking body to the size of an ant.
Then, players must fight to survive from insect attacks, such as spiders, bees, cockroaches, and other types that are ready to prey at any time.
You will also meet other players who are connected online to survive together in the backyard.
To stay safe, players can collect food and water, so they don't starve to dehydration. Players must then solve the mystery that causes their bodies to shrink into small pieces.

7. Grim Dawn

Lightweight Online Games for PC Grim Down

For those who like the action role-playing game (ARPG) genre, Grim Dawn is a game that is worth trying.
This game is set in a fictional continent called Cairn, which was once prosperous under the rule of the human race. However, two races from different dimensions came to invade Cairn and caused the human race to become extinct.
You will then play a character who is possessed by one of the races from another dimension. The characters you play have special powers that can evolve with each level.
In this game, too, you can meet other players to form a faction in carrying out various missions. The future of human civilization is now in your hands.

8. Sea of ​​Thieves

Lightweight Online Games for PC Sea Thieves

As the title implies, you will later play as a pirate who will explore the ocean in search of treasure and complete certain missions.
You will also fight with enemy pirate ships and win the battle to become a legend.
You will also later meet other players, forming a strong alliance to adventure together. However, you can also be hostile to them to pursue a reputation as a respected pirate legend.

9. Endless Legend

Lightweight Online Games for PC Endless Legend

Endless Legend is a game that features a turn-based strategy game. The setting of this game is a fantasy world called Auriga.
Endless Legend was developed by Amplitude Studios and was released for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X in 2014.
In this game, you as a player must rule the world of Auriga using one of the 14 available factions.
For the domination plan to succeed, players can carry out diplomacy, war, exploration of colonies, establish new cities, and develop technology.

10. Farm Together

Lightweight Online Games for PC Farm Together

This game can be played by up to 4 people online, and you can share experiences in developing agricultural land, plantations, to livestock.
Here, players can do other jobs, from decorating homes, cooking recipes, painting, and making music.
You can also customize the character's avatar and decorate the farmland with various interesting facilities.
Plus, you can visit other players' farms and show off your hard-earned produce.
Farm Together is arguably one of the complete farming simulation games, and it's enjoyable to play online.

After reading the list of selected games above, you don't have to worry anymore if you want to play PC games online, even though the laptop specifications are not very supportive. The recommended lightweight online games certainly present a variety of interesting game themes, and of course, they will be fascinating if played with your friends.

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