How to Save Smartphone Battery? Take These 7 Easy Ways

How to Save Smartphone Battery

The average smartphone battery today has a capacity of between 3,000-4,000 mAh. Such a large capacity makes the battery last all day with normal use. However, there are always moments where we run out of battery, even though we are in a very critical situation. Meanwhile, we didn't bring a power bank or find an outlet to charge it.

In a situation like this, what can we do? Relax, there are several things you can do to save smartphone battery. Have a peek!

1. Save Smartphone Battery by Turning off location services or GPS

How to Save Smartphone Battery

When the smartphone battery is running low, it's a good idea to turn off location services first. Moreover, if you are in a location with a minimal signal. Enabling location services will drain the battery faster than in areas with a strong signal, says The Verge page. So, you better turn off your GPS.

Want to know the explanation behind it? The GPS receiver on a smartphone is in the form of a small chip. This chip always gives an estimate of where we are at any time.

If we enable location services, the smartphone will continue to receive signals to perform accurate location tracking. This can drain the smartphone battery.

2. Keep the temperature normal and not overheat

How to Save Smartphone Battery

What is the ideal temperature for the smartphone to work properly? The ideal temperature for lithium-ion batteries is 0 to 45 degrees Celsius.

If the temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius, the amount of power available in the battery will decrease. This is due to restrictions on the movement of lithium metal and lithium ions in the electrodes and through the electrolyte, explains the Quartz website.

Meanwhile, temperatures above 45 degrees Celsius will make the battery drain quickly. When the conditions are hot, the battery will lose the ability to store power.

That is why smartphones in direct sunlight should be avoided, especially for a long time. The temperature can rise to 70 degrees!

3. Turn off push notifications to save battery

How to Save Smartphone Battery

Getting the latest information from push notifications is indeed useful. We will not miss any information. For example, when our favourite YouTube channel releases a new video, we can immediately watch it. Or get a notification that someone has just followed our Instagram account, we can know right away.

On the other hand, push notifications can make the battery drain faster. This is because the application will automatically generate messages from the server and send them to our smartphone screen. Plus, the app requires an internet connection to notify us. So, don't be surprised if our battery runs out quickly!

Turning off push notifications can save a bit of your battery. Besides that, you can also take a break from the crowds of social media.

4. Turn on airplane mode

How to Save Smartphone Battery

Enabling airplane mode is a classic method that is often used by many people. Especially when the battery is running low. How airplane mode works is to turn off all connectivity on the smartphone. Starting from the cellular network, Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS. We also can not send or receive SMS and make calls.

Turning on airplane mode will make the battery last longer. Why? This is because smartphones don't constantly 'ping' cell towers to connect to the network, explains Mic.com. Smartphones that don't have airplane mode on will lose battery 10 percent faster.

5. Reduce screen brightness

How to Save Battery

When outside the room, we find it difficult to stare at the smartphone screen. Do not run out of ideas. This can be overcome by increasing the brightness or screen brightness. However, a screen that is too bright will drain the battery faster. The brighter the screen, the more power it requires.

The LCD screen at max brightness will reduce battery life by 8 percent per hour. Meanwhile, if the type of screen used is LED, the battery will drain at 20 percent per hour. Quite a significant number, right? Therefore, it is better to reduce the screen brightness when you are not using it.

6. Reduce camera usage

How to Save Battery

If the battery is running low, you should reduce the use of the camera. Moreover, if we use it to record video and use the flash to illuminate the surrounding conditions. If it's not too important, there's no need to use a smartphone camera to take pictures or record videos. Especially if the battery lives 10 percent.

On the other hand, the processor embedded in the smartphone also affects draining the battery or not. A higher power CPU has a higher maximum clock rate. Speed ​​and performance are indeed better but will consume more power. This makes the battery hot and reduces battery life.

7. Don't forget, turn on battery-saving mode!

How to Save Battery

The last way to save smartphone battery, Activate the battery-saving mode. Battery-saving mode is the easiest and best way to save smartphone batteries. On iOS, there is a Low Power Mode option, and Android has a Power Saving Mode, explains the Quartz page. This software can modify CPU usage to reduce energy consumption. Indeed, some features cannot be used after activating a power-saving mode like this.

Well, that's 7 things you can do to save your smartphone battery which is running low. If you do, which tips do you usually practice?

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