Healthy and Fun, 7 Best Sports Games for Android

Best Sports Games

Most of us get excited during the first few days of exercising. However, over time, we realize that exercise is quite boring. If you give up, it's hard to get your motivation back!

Well, one way to outsmart it is to combine it with games. Lately, many games are available on the Android platform that encourages you to exercise while playing games. Anything? Here are 7 fun and healthy sports game applications on Android. Suitable for all ages!

1. Burn Your Fat with Me

Best Sports Games

Combining dating simulator with sports aspect? Of course, I can! You can find this unique combination in the game Burn Your Fat with Me, produced by the Japanese indie game company, Creative Freaks. Accompanied by moe girls, guaranteed to be more enthusiastic about exercising!

In this game, you will burn fat while weaving a love story. You are required to do techniques such as sit-ups to continue the story. Don't worry. These girls will help you count and cheer you on! For women, Burn Your Fat with Me also has a male version, Burn Your Fat with Me FG.

Burn Your Fat with Me has 20 episodes for you to follow. However, you will only receive 8 episodes and are limited to sit-ups only. Want to know the continuation and movement of other sports such as squats and push-ups? You are required to spend a small amount of money.

2. Fitness RPG Sports Games

Sports Games for Android

As the name suggests, Shikudo's Fitness RPG is a typical gacha RPG game. You will get turn-based or turn-based gameplay, various heroes to play, online PvP, and an interesting story.

This game has an energy system to limit you from playing. Well, you can break that limit by jogging! The game will "reward" free energy for you to play. Apart from that, you can also connect health apps like Google Fit or Fitbit to count steps.

3. Pokemon Go

Best Sports Games

Released in 2016 by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo, Pokemon GO is a game that can "turn you" into Ash Ketchum/Satoshi. So popular, this game has been downloaded more than 1 billion times in early 2019 and received many awards.

Based on augmented reality (AR), Pokemon GO takes you out of your house, looking for Poke Stops, catching Pokemon, and battling other players in Gym Battles. With Pokemon GO, you can't just stay at home because some Pokemon (even rare ones) you have to get in certain places!

4. Walkr: Fitness Space Adventure

Sports Games

Combining adventure and sports, the Taiwanese Fourdesire-produced Walkr game requires players to jog, while the game tracks your step count as "fuel" for a rocket's journey to virtual planets!

Themed science fiction, Walkr offers 50 planets to explore, various missions to complete with adorable creatures, and a goal so you can walk 10,000 steps/day! In addition to steps, Walkr also records the calories you have burned.

5. Wokamon Sports Games

Sports Games

Besides Fitness RPG, Shikudo also offers other healthy games. Wokamon is a sports game that also incorporates the Tamagotchi aspect. This game can also be connected with health applications such as Google Fit and FitBit.

Of course, besides the addictive gameplay, Wokamon also offers sports as one of the main features. Imagine, by walking, you can save Planet Laya!

Every step you take is energy for Wokamon. The energy is used to save Planet Laya. If you are an introvert, Wokamon offers minimal player interaction and is single-player oriented.

6. Zombies, Run!

Sports Games Android

Want to know what it's like to run after zombies? Play the game Zombies Run! from Six to Start. Of course, you can't kill the zombies. The only thing you can do is take more than 1,000 steps! Zombies, Run! offers more than 300 story missions for you to complete.

From running in the housing complex to the treadmill, jogging and marathon routines are not boring. If you manage to meet your target, you can also build your own "community" to stay afloat from zombie attacks. Zombies, Run! You can pair your smartwatch with Wear OS.

7. Zwift

Best Sports Games for Android

Do you have a stationary bike at home? Or, do you like to use a stationary bike at the gym? To keep it from getting boring, try logging into Zwift and racing with other players! By the way, you already feel like Lance Armstrong on the Tour de France.

In addition, Zwift offers more than 1,000 structured cycling exercises and programs, mini-games, and more than 200 events per day. This game also offers a cycling experience with beautiful countryside or mountain views.

Keep in mind, to use Zwift, in addition to a stationary bike, you must also have additional tools such as speed sensors and Cadence connected to a smartphone for accurate calculations. Make sure the sensor you buy is compatible with Zwift.

Those are some fun games that combine health aspects and are suitable for all ages. That way, exercise is not boring. However, be careful when using this application outside the home to avoid unwanted things. Happy playing and sports greetings!

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