These are 8 Causes and Solutions for Crash Applications

Solutions for Crash Applications

Have you ever had a situation where your app crashed on its own, or you exited automatically? In geek terms, it's called a crash. This situation often makes you uncomfortable and resentful.

Of course, you can fix this crash problem. But for that, you need to know what issues are causing this. Here is the cause of the crash and how to solve it.

1. The application has not been updated

Crash Applications

The first cause that makes the application crash is not updating the application. This is very possible, especially in applications such as online games that require the latest version of the application to communicate smoothly with the game server.

It is important to always update it, considering that some fixes and updates will increase your cellphone operating system compatibility. The solution, of course, is to update the application.

To avoid the application crashing due to this problem. You can set your smartphone to update the application automatically. So that when there is a newer version of the application, your smartphone will automatically download and update your outdated application.

2. The operating system has not been updated

Solutions for Crash Applications

Contrary to points in number one. If you are sure that your application has been updated, the problem could come from your smartphone's operating system. Application crashes can be caused because your operating system is too outdated to run the application.

Applications that are popular and continue to be developed, of course, will always be updated following the latest operating system as well.

If this happens, check if you missed the system update provided by your smartphone vendor. Perform updates if available.

If there is no operating system update available from your smartphone vendor, you can install the previous version of the application you want that is still compatible with your smartphone operating system version.

3. Specifications do not match

Causes Crash Applications

The next cause of the application crash is that the application does not match the specifications of your smartphone. This is very likely to happen if you get an application from a third party.

Check again whether the crashing application requirements match the specifications of your smartphone. If not, then there is a possibility that this specification issue is the reason your application crashes.

The main solution to this problem is to find an application that fits your smartphone.

You can also simply avoid this incompatibility by always installing applications on official markets such as the Play Store or the App Store on your smartphone.

4. Corrupt app causes the crash application

Crash Applications

Your apps and operating system are updated but still crashing. This may happen because of "abnormalities" in the system in the application or on the cellphone. This “abnormality” may include missing or incorrect data.

This can also happen if your smartphone is infected with a virus. You can make sure your smartphone is free of viruses by downloading an antivirus on your smartphone.

Corrupt applications can also be caused by the deletion of important files from the application. So make sure you don't arbitrarily delete files that you don't know about their functions and uses. It could be that the file is an important file for your applications.

For apps, you need to uninstall and reinstall them. Usually, this will make the application run smoothly.

5. Your app has bugs that cause an application crash

Crash Applications

No application is perfect. App perfection is even more remote when it's made by a developer you don't know.

The crashing application is not your fault but the fault of the application maker or developer. In the application, there are bugs or program errors. If you find this problem, you can report this problem to the application developer and wait for an update from them to remove the bug.

6. Your memory is full

Causes Crash Applications

Your phone memory can affect app performance. When many applications are running at the same time, it not only slows down performance but can also crash the application you are currently using.

This can happen in applications that require heavy computing, such as video editing or gaming activities.

You can close the applications that you are not using to reduce the RAM load is the main solution to this problem.

7. Your internet network is not strong

Solutions for Crash Applications

Some applications require fast and stable internet speed. Applications such as online games and streaming download and upload data in real-time. If your internet speed is unstable, there will likely be lag or even crashes.

If this is the problem you face, making sure you have a good internet network is the only solution to this problem.

8. Application development has been discontinued

Crash Applications

Some apps are no longer updated by the developer. This is usually done because the application does not meet expectations or the developer goes bankrupt.

The developer has "turned off" the application you are using, and there will be no further updates in the future to overcome bugs. The only way is to let it go and delete the app.

You can find this out by checking the date of the latest update of your application in the App Store or Play Store. If the developer hasn't updated for a long time, then it's likely that your application development has stopped.

You can also turn on the troubleshooting system to automatically check why your app often shuts down on its own. Now the question is only one: your app crashes for what reason? If you already know the answer to this question, you can find the solution easily.

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