7 Best Cycling Apps for Android, Get Healthier!

Best Cycling Apps

Today, public awareness of a healthy lifestyle is increasing. In addition to a balanced nutritional consumption and adequate rest, exercise, as a component of a healthy lifestyle, is increasingly being applied by many people.

One of the most popular sports activities is cycling. Besides being able to get around other areas of the city faster than walking, cycling also offers training leg muscles. Whether alone or in convoy with friends, bicycles are fun.

Of course, you want to know how many calories you've burned and the distance you've covered, right? Let you be able to determine other targets for the sake of the ideal body. There are many cycling apps on Android that can help you. Well, it's not hard to find anymore. Here are the 7 best cycling apps for Android. Instant download!

1. Komoot

Cycling Apps for Android

Komoot from komoot GmbH is an outdoor sports application developed for riders on the road to the mountains. Basically, Komoot is a navigation app and can be connected to other devices like Garmin smartwatches.

With Komoot, you can download regions and topographic maps for offline use. However, to experience the map and other areas, you have to pay. You can also save your cycling moments and share them or keep them to yourself as a memory.

2. Map My Ride Cycling Apps

Best Cycling Apps

As the name implies, the Map My Ride app from MapMyFitness is a way for you to map cycling routes and track the places you've been. Apart from bicycles, you can use this app for jogging and marathons. Map My Ride is quite easy to use.

Hosted by sports equipment company Under Armor, you have access to over 600 activities that you can customize along with stats to help you hit your goals. Additionally, Map My Ride can be paired with Under Armor, FitBit, and Garmin or WearOS smartwatches.

3. Ride with GPS

Cycling Apps for Android

Ride with GPS is an app for cyclists with rich navigation and route planning features. Apart from route planning, Ride with GPS can help you monitor your cycling activities effectively. To be effective, connect this app with various health sensors via Bluetooth.

Besides monitoring cycling activity, Ride with GPS can help you track the condition of your bike! In addition, you can also plan your route with the distance and altitude in mind (if you are cycling across mountains). You can then share this route with fellow Ride GPS users.

4. Strava Cycling Apps

Cycling Apps

Like the other apps on this list, Strava is very useful for sports, from walking to cycling to swimming. If you are already familiar with Map My Ride, then Strava's performance is similar! You can plan routes, view your "hard work" stats and set new goals.

Strava can have features to track your distance, cycling speed, altitude you've reached, and estimated number of calories burned. You can also enter the in-app "Club" to compete and motivate other cyclists. Not only outdoor, but you can also exercise indoors with Strava!

5. TrainerRoad Cycling Apps

Cycling Apps

On the rise among foreign sports activists, you can also use TrainerRoad for cycling. No need to worry about being disturbed by other sports. TrainerRoad concentrates on the bike only.

TrainerRoad has more than 1,000 structured training programs that are scientifically supported and adapted to your fitness level. In addition, there are also more than 100 triathlon-style cycling training packages for outdoor.

Unfortunately, some of these features come at a hefty price tag. So, if you're serious, just brush up on TrainerRoad!

6. TrainingPeaks

Cycling Apps for Android

TrainingPeaks is another great cycling app too. With a neat user interface, this app is easy to use. The basic features include route recording, daily stats, and post-workout commentary to see how close your ideal body is.

In addition, this application also monitors the level of strength, speed, distance, and other health measures. In addition, TrainingPeaks also supports heart monitoring, GPS location, and long-term training and route planning. Unfortunately, some of the features of TrainingPeaks are quite expensive, so make sure you commit!

7. Wahoo

Best Cycling Apps

The last app on this list is Wahoo from Wahoo Fitness. Like most of the apps on this list, Wahoo isn't just for cycling. However, you can use it for cycling, either indoors or outdoors.

Wahoo uses the phone's GPS to track cycling data. In addition, this application can be connected with a Bluetooth sensor. Therefore, Wahoo can record more detailed units, such as distance travelled, cycling speed, cycling power, and cadence.

You can view your cycling session history and can be adapted according to your abilities. Plus, you can upload the sessions and share them across all the other sports apps on this list.

Those are some apps that you can use to make your cycling experience optimal. With accurate monitoring in these apps, it will be easier for you to reach your fitness goals. Remember, the key is commitment, and keep riding the bike!

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