How to Hide 'Typing' Status on WhatsApp

Hide Typing Status

For many loyal users, WhatsApp has several features that are sometimes unsettling. For example, a blue checkmark indicates that the chat has been read. The existence of this feature makes message recipients inevitably reply to messages immediately.

In addition, many other features are useful but make some people anxious. One of them is the status "typing." Not a few people feel uncomfortable and want to get rid of this one feature.

It turns out that there are several ways you can do so that you don't get caught while typing on WhatsApp. Come on, see the following!

1. Turn off mobile data while typing

Hide 'Typing' Status on WhatsApp

The first way to hide the "typing" status on WhatsApp is simple and easy to try. You only need to turn off mobile data when accessing the application.

Turn off mobile data after receiving the chat you want to reply to. After that, open WhatsApp and type your reply message. The other person will not see the status "is typing" because the application will not detect your activity in real-time.

2. Hide 'typing' status by turn on airplane mode while typing

Hide 'Typing' Status

The next method is not much different from the first method. To be more secure and guaranteed not to be caught, you should turn on airplane mode when you want to reply to a chat. This method works as before, namely tricking WhatsApp from detecting our activity.

After that, don't forget to turn off airplane mode or turn on Wi-Fi when you want to send a chat, okay? If not, your message will not be sent to the other person on WhatsApp.

3. Type in chat rooms or other applications

Status on WhatsApp

It is more complicated, but this method effectively hides the status of "typing" on WhatsApp. You don't need to turn off the internet connection. However, you have to type a message in a chat room or even a different application.

For example, you want to write a message to person A. So that he doesn't know you're typing, write a message in a chat room with another contact. You can also type it in the memo or notepad application on your smartphone. After that, copy the message and paste it into the chat room with A. Although it takes time, this method will definitely work!

4. Hide “typing” status with GBWhatsApp

Typing'Status on WhatsApp

Next, you need the help of another application to hide the "typing" status. It is GBWhatsApp. This application has been modified so that it has other features that were not in the original WhatsApp. One of them is to hide the status "is typing."

Before that, you should know that GBWhatsApp is not available on the PlayStore. But you can find it on the internet. After installation, perform the following steps:

  • Open GBWhatsApp and register;
  • On the Chats page, click the three-dot icon at the top right;
  • Select "Privacy"> "Writing Status"> "Hide for contacts";
  • After that, you can type however you want without fearing that others will know you're doing it.

5. GBWhatsApp is not guaranteed security

Hide Typing Status

GBWhatsApp does offer interesting, unique features. However, this application is not guaranteed its safety. That's why it's not listed on the Play Store. WhatsApp developers even urge users not to use MOD applications like this.

Then what are the risks of using GBWhatsApp and the like? The data you enter has the potential to be taken and misused by irresponsible people. This is dangerous for your privacy on the internet. Other related accounts such as email, social media, and so on are at risk of being hijacked.

Therefore, you must consider carefully before using this unregistered application. Don't just be tempted by its complete features, huh!

Hide 'Typing' Status on WhatsApp

These are five ways you can do to hide the words "…. is typing" on WhatsApp. Even so, all of them still have their advantages and disadvantages, as we have stated above.

Now it's your job to decide which method you want to use. Usually in terms of practicality is often the main consideration. Although this is often considered trivial, removing the words "is typing" will undoubtedly make the heart more comfortable for people who want privacy and comfort.

As additional information, when you go online in a laptop browser using WhatsApp web, the statement "is typing" usually does not appear on other people's screens even though we are typing a message.

But of course, for those of you who use WhatsApp only on the cellphone screen, the methods we have provided above are effective enough to hide the information "is typing" on WhatsApp. Hopefully, this review can be helpful.

So those are the ways you can try to hide the status of "typing" on WhatsApp. It's not difficult to implement. Good luck, huh!

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