Know What is Noise Cancellation on Various Audio Devices

Noise Cancellation on Various Audio

Noise cancellation is one of the terms you may need to learn when looking for both wired and wireless audio devices.

Many brands and companies engaged in the audio industry have begun to rely on this technology as a superior feature in their devices to produce more precise quality sound.

We can also consider getting a more pleasant experience listening to music to make conversations via phone calls.

But of course, we still can't be careless because noise cancellation has several types of attenuation, each of which offers a different quality. The implementation of this technology on each device is aimed at different functions.

Therefore, lota needs to know this technology further before using it as a material for consideration. Especially for those looking for an audio device, here is information about what noise cancellation is and the various types that need to be considered.

Know What is Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation is a technology that can reduce noise levels. This technology allows audio devices to produce clearer sound without being affected by outside sounds, even when used in a crowd.

This technology will filter out disturbing sounds such as car engine noise while driving or other people's conversations while studying or working so that the device can produce sound according to the source.

Noise Cancellation on Various Audio

But don't get me wrong, this audio technology can not only be implemented to clarify the sound produced by the speakers because some devices also implement it in the microphone.

The application of noise cancellation on the microphone will allow the other person to hear clearly what we are saying on the phone or enable the device to produce clear audio when recording video or sound.

Meanwhile, if implemented in speakers, noise cancellation allows us to listen to sound from digital content such as music or videos without being disturbed by noise from the surrounding environment.

We can mainly find devices that use this technology for microphones or speakers only or even both at once in the market. Therefore we still need to read the specifications in more detail before buying it.

Moreover, apart from these differences in implementation, two types of noise cancellation are usually used, including Passive Noise Cancellation and Active Noise Cancellation.

Noise Cancellation Type

Passive Noise Cancellation

Passive Noise Cancellation is a noise-canceling technology that works passively by utilizing materials or product designs to limit unwanted sounds. We can usually find this type used in over-ear headphones and in-ear earphones.

This type of noise cancellation is more suitable for muffled sound with varying high frequencies. We can choose this type if we need an audio device to listen to music or work in a crowded place.

Active Noise Cancellation

Unlike the passive one, Active Noise Cancellation or often abbreviated as ANC, is a technology that works actively in filtering sound. This type only requires additional electronic components in the device.

Basically, a device with this type of noise cancellation will detect and analyze the sound pattern of the incoming noise and then produce a reverse signal to reduce it to inaudible.

By utilizing active noise cancellation technology, audio devices can effectively filter out regular low-frequency sounds such as fan blades or car engine noise while driving.

Active and Passive Noise Cancellation can indeed filter noise. But keep in mind that the main goal is not to make us unable to hear the surrounding sound but to enjoy the content at a low volume.

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