How to Speed ​​Up Smartphone Battery Charge

Speed ​​Up Smartphone Battery Charge

We can play various applications or games that you can play and install on your Android smartphone easily. In contrast, the hardware specifications of Android smartphones can be pretty good for smartphones.

So it's not surprising that many cellphone manufacturers make the most Android smartphones, considering the price offered for one Android smartphone is still relatively cheap compared to other types of smartphones.

Low prices and a lot of market demand are currently rampant in Android-based smartphones, as for the weakness that is often complained by Android users, namely when the Android smartphone battery is quickly removed.

What is certain is that they are very disturbed by these conditions because Android smartphones have relatively high-performance capabilities that require high battery power.

Indeed, an Android smartphone has almost the same function as a computer and a computer that can perform various commands.

Android is also the same but has not been able to match computers in terms of work efficiency. This is a factor why Android batteries waste quickly.

Another factor is considering the touch screen on an Android smartphone that is pretty wide and will require a lot of battery power, so the wider the screen, the faster it will drain battery power.

Then from these weaknesses, cellphone manufacturers, in particular, make innovations by equipping Android smartphones with batteries that have more capacity. The aim is to cover the liability that is quickly running out of battery power.

Actually, to avoid wasteful Android batteries or running out quickly, we need to save them, and you can read my article yesterday.

To avoid batteries that sometimes run out quickly, you also need to buy batteries with more power for your activities.

This is the goal so that you can carry out activities smoothly without running out of battery power when you need it, then how to charge the Android battery quickly? Such as the following.

How to Speed ​​Up Smartphone Battery Charging

You need to know that the battery on an Android cellphone as a whole has a fairly large battery capacity, and on average, it can last up to 6 to 12 hours.

But when you have a battery with a large capacity, then, of course, it will affect the battery charging time, broadly speaking, the bigger the battery, the longer the battery charging process.

Well, of course, it is very time-consuming for you to recharge. The time it takes is usually about 3 hours to fully charge the battery.

To solve the problem of slow battery charging, you can try the following alternatives so that the battery can be charged quickly without being damaged.

1. Turn off the cellphone when it is in the charger

Speed ​​Up Smartphone Battery Charge turn off smartphone

First, you have to pay attention you the need to turn off your smartphone. Make sure that you don't just turn off the screen but turn it off entirely by pressing the power button until it turns off.

The battery's capacity will significantly affect the activities of the smartphone itself, in addition to when the smartphone is not on even though it is dead.

But, if it is not turned off from the power button, the smartphone will continue to operate to run programs outside of your activities.

In addition, many applications use automatic mode to make smartphones connect to the internet automatically and provide more updated news updates.

In addition to the advantages of using the automatic online mode, it will affect battery power, which will be detrimental if you charge while activating the mode.

So that you can charge your smartphone quickly, you need to turn off the smartphone by pressing the power button, which is usually located in the lower right corner of the Android smartphone. This will be faster than you charge the battery without turning it off.

2. Use Airplane Mode

Use Airplane Mode

Next, to make the battery can be charged more easily and quickly, you need to use airplane mode on your cellphone.

Have you ever thought that turning off your cellphone when recharging is unusual, considering that messages from your social media will usually be automatically sent via notifications.

To make the smartphone faster in the charging process, and you don't want to do the number one method, you can do this using airplane mode.

This mode is useful for your phone to stay connected to the internet but still speed up charging because we only receive notifications when we normalize the mode first.

This method can speed up the battery charging process up to 12% than usual, of course, this is a method you must try yourself.

3. Perform Battery Calibration

Perform Battery Calibration

On the third point, many people underestimate this one thing. Usually, they use the battery until it is completely discharged, aka the battery is not left a penny.

By consuming battery power until there is no remaining, it will shorten the life of the battery itself, the result is that it is not optimal when charging the battery.

To avoid this, it is pretty easy, make sure if the battery remains at least 5%, then immediately charge your battery using the original charger.

Don't get used to running out of battery power because it's not good, then if it's already charging. Make sure you do the Battery Calibration at least once a month regularly.

4. Avoid Hot Rooms

Avoid Hot Rooms

Another factor that can slow down battery charging is putting it in a stuffy and hot place.

Now make sure you put the smartphone when charging in a place that is not hot but not humid, for example, on a table, and don't put it on a pillow.

Did you know that the Lithium-Ion type smartphone battery has a working principle where when this type of battery has a surrounding cold temperature.

Vice versa, if the temperature is hot, then it is not suitable for the continuity of the battery, then make sure there is a place in the right place when you want to charge the Android smartphone battery.

The way of charging is almost the same as usual charging, but when you want to charge the battery, make sure that you have removed the back casing of the smartphone.

This method will speed up the charging of the Android cellphone battery. Oh yes, the temperature is about 25 degrees Celsius only.

5. Use Original Charger

Use Original Charger

The fourth step that you need to pay attention to is using the charger when you charge the battery, this is a very important factor in how quickly your battery will be charged.

If you are in a state of urgency and choose to charge the battery with a USB port while you also bring an original charger, then it is not recommended to charge it with a USB port.

Please charge using the original charger only if the USB port will be slow to charge and the original charger will be faster in charging your smartphone battery.

HP manufacturers have taken into account the details of the needs and performance of the smartphones they market, of course, the brand or brand selling the cellphone must have taken into account battery charging.

From how much voltage is needed and how much current is suitable for the mobile device, the best solution for recharging is to use the original charger from the factory.

In addition to being faster in charging, using the original charger also turns out the battery will last longer. While charging the battery, using a USB port will harm your cellphone.

For example, charging will be slow because the power supply via USB has a small output. The USB port only has a current of 0.5 Ampere, and there is a USB port with a draft of up to 0.9 Ampere that can be flowed.

But unfortunately, the average USB port only has 0.5 amperes, so it allows you to charge the battery using the USB port it will take longer.

As for the default charger with a current of up to 2 Ampere, of course, using the default charger is faster because the current generated is also greater than the USB port. So from now on, charge your battery using the original factory USB port.


So that the battery is fully charged quickly, you should not use it while it is being charged because it can hinder the battery charging process. We recommend that you turn off your cellphone and leave it until the battery is full before using it again.

Well, how do you speed up the process of charging an Android cellphone battery? It's easy, isn't it? The five ways above can be practiced by yourself at home and are highly recommended for those who like to do activities with your Android smartphone.

Proper charging of the battery will extend the battery's life, and vice versa if we are wrong in charging the battery, then we will also be in trouble with waiting for a reasonably low charging.

Therefore, make sure you do the five tips above so that you can charge your Android battery quickly.

If you have questions about this discussion, you can directly send your questions according to the topic this time. Continue to see exciting information that you can take advantage of on this blog.

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