Easy Ways to Make Bots in the Telegram Application

Easy Ways to Make Telegram Bots

A few years back, maybe you needed more funds or credit to send a message to the people closest to you. However, now it is different since the emergence of instant messaging applications that can be enjoyed for free on smartphones based on operating systems such as Android and iOS.

According to Teach-ICT, instant messaging applications allow users to send messages quickly and for free to the same person who owns the software. Not only that, instant messaging applications make it easier for users to stay connected in real-time with colleagues, friends or those closest to them.

As many people turn to instant messaging applications, now more and more instant messaging applications are popping up, one of which is the Telegram application. The application with a paper aeroplane logo wrapped in white and a blue background offers convenience in sending text, photos, videos, and files of various formats.

This application, born in 2013, has a cloud system, so it doesn't require too much storage space. Thus, all information and data are automatically stored on the Internet. Telegram has adhered to international security standards regarding data security, making messages that have been sent only accessible to its users.

Telegram offers many features, one of which is a Bot feature rarely owned by other instant messaging applications. For those of you who don't know about the Telegram Bot feature, this feature is like a fictitious or non-human user consisting of lines of code, capable of performing actions automatically and receiving commands in the form of HTTP requests.

In the Telegram application, there are two types of bots. The first is a stand-alone bot that can only be added via a link and is supported by its chat window in the column where the user can perform orders. Second, inline bots can be invited from other chat windows (group or single) via the @namebot command.

Then can we make our Telegram Bot? Of course, you can! The method is also relatively easy to follow. Well, this time, we will tell you a tutorial on making a Telegram Bot. Come on, look at the following ways!

Creating a Bot on BotFather

BotFather is the father of bots on Telegram and is one way to create Them without coding to command them. Mr Bot also provides a menu and is used to manage all the bots available on Telegram. If you have a Bot, then to set it must go through BotFather. How to make your Bot through Mr Bot is as follows:

The first step you have to do is open your Telegram account. If you haven't installed and created a Telegram account, you can get the application for free here. Continued you must fill in your phone number.

Easy Ways to Make Telegram Bots

After installing, enter your phone number. After a few seconds, you will get a Telegram Code sent to your phone number. Soon you will enter the Telegram application page.

Next, go to the Lup icon at the top right of the Telegram page, then type BotFather or @BotFather in the search field.

Easy Ways to Make Telegram Bots

Choose a BotFather account that has been verified or has been marked with a blue tick.

Then, go to the BotFather conversation column, and there is a white column containing the information "What can this bot do?", the picture is as below.

Easy Ways to Make Telegram Bots

Followed by clicking the Start menu or Start, which is located under the conversation column. This is the first step to starting interaction with BotFather.

Easy Ways to Make Telegram Bots

You will be presented with several options ranging from Edit Bots, Bot Settings, and Games. Each menu has a sub-menu that you can choose according to your needs. Because your goal is to create a new Bot, you must type and send /newbot.

Then Mr Bot will ask you a question about what name you will give your Bot.

After filling in the Bot's name, you are led to fill in the Bot's Username and are required to attach the word "bot" suffix. For example, InactiontechBot or Inactiontech_bot.

Easy Ways to Make Telegram Bots

If the Username submitted is available, you will get a reply "Done! Congratulations on your new bot....", and under that text, you will find a Token which is the identifier of the Bot itself.

It should be noted! That the Token you get from BotFather is confidential. Only you may know it as the owner of the Bot. If someone knows your Bot Token, they can fully control your Bot. However, you can also revoke Token Bot to update it.

Connecting Bots with Livegrambot

The goal of Livegrambot is that all messages other users send to your Bot will automatically be channelled into your chat so that you can reply to them. You can also link to a group, so its members can reply to incoming messages too.

The features of LivegramBot range from customer support, feedback, broadcasts to subscribers, and statistics. Come on, look at how to synchronize your Bot with Livegrambot.

Go into the search field and type Livegrambot.

Easy Ways to Make Telegram Bots

Choose the Livegrambot logo in the form of a chat bubble, usually at the top.

Easy Ways to Make Telegram Bots

Select the Start menu or Start at the bottom.

Easy Ways to Make Telegram Bots

After that, you will be presented with two language options, namely English or Russian. Please choose one of them.

After selecting the language, Livegrambot will send you a message. Here you can type and send /addbot.

After a few seconds, you are asked to press the approval permission button and continue by pressing the Agree and Continue button.

Then, you have to go back to BotFather to copy your Bot Token.

Easy Ways to Make Telegram Bots

Next, after copying the Bot Token in BotFather, send the Bot Token earlier to Livegrambot.

Then, a message will appear that says your Bot has been successfully connected. Is it easy?

Setting Telegram Bot Identity

Your Bot is finished, but it would be better equipped with other descriptions. This will clarify what the Bot was made for. To set Telegram Bot identity, follow the following steps.

To fill in the Bot description, the steps are to type and submit /setdescription in BotFather.

Then BotFather will ask for the Bot's Username.

After filling in the Bot's Username, the Bot's father asks you to fill in the description. For example, you can pay attention through the image below.

Easy Ways to Make Telegram Bots

Next, you can fill in about your Bot, type /setabouttext and fill it with your Bot username.

The Bot then asks you to fill in the About text. You can fill it according to your heart or according to the focus of your content.

Easy Ways to Make Telegram Bots

On BotFather, you can change the profile photo of the Bot. The step to change it is by sending the text /setuserpic. Next, you are asked to enter the Bot's Username. Finally, you have to upload an image.

Easy Ways to Make Telegram Bots

Voila! Your Telegram bot is done. To ensure your Bot is working, you can ask your friends to search for your Bot's Username in the Telegram search field and send any message on your Telegram Bot.

How easy isn't it how to make your Telegram Bot? For those still confused about making a Telegram Bot, try commenting in the comments column where the difficulty lies. Keep following Inactiontech to get information about application tips and other smartphones, OK!

Know the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Telegram Application

Who is not familiar with the Telegram messaging application? An instant messaging application that has recently become popular because, according to the recognition of its founder, Pavel Durov, more than 500 million active users had downloaded his Telegram application, and there have been 25 million new users in just 72 hours.

For those who don't know the Telegram application, this application is a cloud-based multi-platform instant messaging service that can be enjoyed for free and non-profit. Telegram can be used by users of smartphone devices and computer devices.

This application can send messages and share files ranging from stickers, photos, videos, audio, and various other types of formats. Telegram offers end-to-end encrypted messaging, meaning letters can only be read by the user they communicate with.

There are many other advantages that this instant messaging application has and the possibility of shortcomings from Telegram. Well, on this occasion, We will invite you to parse the advantages and disadvantages of the Telegram messaging application. Curious about anything? Come on, see the description below!

Advantages of the Telegram App

Still, hesitating to install Telegram? Here are some of the advantages of the instant messaging application that you can enjoy while running it:

1. File Send Size

Easy Ways to Make Telegram Bots

With the maximum size of the sending file, you can share movies, series, or videos that have a large extent. Of course, this is different from messaging applications in general, which are usually only able to send files with a maximum size of 100 MB. No wonder many recommend using Telegram if you want large files.

2. Serve Original / Compressed Files

Sometimes you want to get an image file with the original size, but sometimes you need a compressed image due to insufficient memory. Calm! Telegram can be a solution to this problem. The instant messaging application offers the option of sending files in the original size or compressed.

This advantage, of course, is rarely found in other instant messaging applications, which generally send images automatically. The photo quality, resolution, and photo size will shrink. With Telegram, you don't need to use the document feature to send files with the original size. Just drag it to the conversation column. Telegram will give you options for the actual or compressed file you want to send.

3. Easy App Access

Easy Ways to Make Telegram Bots

Everyone must have experienced forgetting to bring a smartphone, even though at that time they were having a crucial conversation through an instant messaging application. However, that will never happen if you use the Telegram application. This instant messaging application allows you to stay in touch by opening Telegram on your computer or laptop. What's the difference with other instant messaging applications?

Suppose other instant messaging applications can only run and carry out conversations on a computer or laptop device if the instant messaging application is active on a smartphone. Unlike Telegram, you can use this application on a computer or laptop in any situation. So, if your smartphone is left behind or dies due to running out of battery, then you can still open Telegram.

4. More Organized with Hashtags

Who doesn't know the hashtag "#"? You can find signs usually found in social media posts in the Telegram messaging application, you know! The use of hashtags in Telegram still has the same function, namely for content grouping.

Through hashtags, you will find it easy to find a file/file or chat that has been sunk, so you don't have to bother looking for it manually. Not only that, maybe Telegram is suitable for those of you who like neat things because this hashtag feature can make group chats more structured.

5. Presenting Channel and Bot Features

Easy Ways to Make Telegram Bots

Channel features that are no less cool, and you can find in the Telegram application. The purpose of this feature is the same as the chat group is nothing but to communicate with many members. However, channel members or followers cannot respond to what you send, aka one-way communication. This channel feature is like a radio in the form of writing.

The channel capacity is large, so the signal feature on Telegram is often used by online shop sellers to peddle and promote their wares. You can also search for various channels that match your interests in the search field.

Furthermore, Telegram also has a bot feature. These features are like accounts but are operated with artificial intelligence (AI) powered software, which can do anything from downloading music, games, dictionaries, broadcasting, etc.

6. The number of members is large

Another advantage that you can find when exploring the Telegram application is that you can find a group with more than 500 members. Usually, an instant messaging application can only load less than 500 members, but this is different in Telegram, which can invite up to 30,000 new members.

7. Large Storage Memory

Telegram has a sizeable cloud-based storage memory. This can undoubtedly save the user's smartphone internal memory. All conversation history or media file delivery will be automatically inputted in the cloud. Unlike other instant messaging applications that use the smartphone's internal memory to store conversations or files.

Thanks to this cloud-based storage memory, Telegram can provide a straightforward and lightning-fast messaging process. You can even still send messages or files on Telegram when the internet network on your smartphone suddenly becomes Edge, which is usually slow.

Disadvantages of Telegram App

Even though Telegram has many advantages, this messaging application still has its drawbacks. What are the disadvantages? Here's the presentation for you:

1. Can't Update Status

Unlike other instant messaging apps that can upload statuses, you can't do the same things as sharing your heart with other people or your contact list in the Telegram app. In this case, Telegram is a minus in terms of social or blending, which cannot be owned by its users.

For some people, Telegram might be a bit boring. So for those of you who are looking for an instant messaging application that can spread your heart out, Telegram is not the answer. You can use Line or WhatsApp. It can be said that Telegram seems to be a place for strenuous activity or business.

2. Group Video Call Not Available

Easy Ways to Make Telegram Bots

In this pandemic era, everyone should do activities at home, starting from meetings, seminars, and the like. Fortunately, there is an instant messaging application with a group video call feature such as WhatsApp, which is said to make group video calls of more than four people. Unfortunately, this does not apply to Telegram.

This application, which can be enjoyed for free, turns out to be unable to make group video calls like other instant messaging applications. Telegram is only able to make personal video calls with a maximum of two users. So, if you are a person who often conducts meetings or discussions with many people, it seems that you should look for video calling software that can accommodate many people.

3. Chat Flood from Groups

For those of you who often miss info in a group chat without realizing it already has hundreds or even thousands of messages, you might be lazy to read from the beginning or scroll. Especially if you are in a group of thousands on Telegram, obviously you will be flooded with chat.

Indeed, Telegram's advantage is that it can accommodate many members in a group. Still, on the other hand, this can be a drawback, namely, not tracking conversations sent from the number of members in the group. Even though there is a hashtag feature or a search field, you will need more time to search for keywords or content from a conversation you want to search for.

4. Unable to Encrypt

Easy Ways to Make Telegram Bots

The inability to encrypt is arguably a weakness for Telegram. This instant messaging application uses its encryption called MTProto. Users do not have access to the MTProto encryption system because it is not open source and only the Telegram team knows about it.

Not only that, if chats are hanging around Telegram, including data or conversations stored with the Secret Chat feature (conversation history, pictures, and others can be deleted without a trace), then the information is still stored on their servers. However, so far, there has been no case of Telegram's security system leaking.

5. No Story Feature

Many instant messaging and social media applications are equipped with story features such as Instagram, Twitter, Line, and WhatsApp. Unfortunately, you can't find this feature in the Telegram application. This is when it becomes one of the shortcomings of this instant messaging application.

The absence of the Story feature in Telegrammakes you unable to share or upload moments via photos, videos, audio, and even images containing words or quotes. This point is the same as the case if Telegram cannot update the status.

Those are some descriptions of the advantages and disadvantages of the Telegram application, which is currently booming. How are you interested in having it, or are you already running this application? 

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