7 Best Android Voice Changer Apps, Change Your Voice

Best Android Voice Changer Apps

Pranking friends may be a fun thing you can try once in a while. One way is to change the voice when you talk on the phone. Thus, they will think that a stranger is talking to them.

However, you need help from a voice changer app. Voice-changing apps can manipulate your real voice and replace it as if it were similar to someone else's unusual voice.

Here Are The Best Voice Changer Apps on Android

Some of the best voice changer applications below are recommendations that you can try and download to practice right away.

1. Voice Changer with Effects.

Best Android Voice Changer Apps

Voice changer with effects - Tired of being alone? Try changing your voice, then share it with your friends. Using this app, you can have fun changing your voice into someone else's voice.

Voice Changer with Effects is one of the first best voice-changing apps that you can try. Through this application, you can change your original voice into the voice of helium, robot, megaphone to become a character in Star Wards Darth Vader!

In addition, the unique Voice Changer with Effects is also equipped with a feature to directly save the recordings that you have made so that you can use them as ringtones! So, besides being made to prank your friends, you can also capture the results as your creative symbol!

Download Voice Changer with Effects

2. RoboVox Voice Changer Pro

Best Android Voice Changer Apps

If you are not interested in the previous application, you can try downloading a voice changer application called RoboVox Voice Changer Pro. This app has two different versions, free and Pro. In the free version, there are some limitations due to only a small selection of sounds, while the Pro version provides more than 32 types of cool and unique sounds.

There are three modes offered. First, you can record a voice to convert and then send it in a compatible format. Second, you can also use parrot mode, which allows the system to change and repeat the sound.

Third, you can use it at the same time as playing games or streaming. In this last option, you need headphones for this feature to work optimally.

This best voice changer application also provides an easy-to-use interface, so you won't have any trouble using it.

Download RoboVox Voice Changer Pro

3. Voice Changer – Androidrock

Best Android Voice Changer Apps

The next best voice changer app is Voice Changer – Androidrock. This application can help to change your voice to various other types of sounds, such as animals, small children, older people to a Chipmunk!

Not only that, using Voice Changer – Androidrock, you can also add some unique sound effects, such as horror movie sound effects, to church sound effects! I think the features of this application make it one of the recommendations for downloading an easy-to-use voice changer application.

Just by clicking the record audio button, you can add these sound effects. Interesting right?

Download Voice Changer – Androidrock

4. Voice Changer Sound Effects

Best Android Voice Changer Apps

You can also download a voice changer application called Voice Changer Sound Effects if you feel that some previous applications don't suit you. This application can change your voice to be unique and interesting, and it can even change your voice to be weird!

Voice Changer Sound Effects also does not forget to provide a variety of sound effects that you can try for free. This application allows you to save them and even share them directly on your cellphone. Cool, right?

Download Voice Changer Sound Effects

5. Call Voice Changer – IntCall

Best Android Voice Changer Apps

The next best voice changer app is Call Voice Changer – IntCall. You can use this application directly or in real-time when you talk to your interlocutor over the phone.

Because this application can change the voice, you speak in real-time so that your interlocutor will definitely feel confused.

In addition to changing the voice, several effects can make your interlocutor more suspicious, like the sound effects of laughing, crying babies, to the sound of farts. Guaranteed your prank will be more exciting.

However, unfortunately, this application is not free. You can try. You only get a free opportunity for 1 minute. Then you have to buy it to enjoy its features in the long run.

Download Call Voice Changer – IntCall

6. Voice Changer – Androbaby.

Best Android Voice Changer Apps

If you don't feel right with some of the other applications that have been discussed, you can download a voice changer application called Voice Changer – Androbaby. This is no less unique than other applications, such as changing voices such as chipmunks, monsters, smurfs, and many other options.

However, what distinguishes the Voice Changer – Androbaby application from the others is its appearance. This application presents an interface that looks girly. However, the interface offered is quite easy to understand. Despite the slightly bright interface, this app is classified and easy to use.

Download Voice Changer – Androbaby

7. Helium Voice Changer

Best Android Voice Changer Apps

Do you want to prank your friends as if you've finished inhaling helium? Helium Voice Changer is the answer. Unfortunately, this app doesn't provide any other types of effects besides helium.

As the name suggests, this app can change your voice just as soon as you inhale helium gas. Of course, the voice turned into a squeaky funny.

This application also supports changing the sound on your video. This means you can record a video of you speaking as if you had just inhaled helium gas.

However, Helium Voice Changer is included in the best voice changer application! Besides being free, this application can be easily used by anyone, and it is easy to send recordings directly to friends via messaging applications.

Download Helium Voice Changer

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