10 Best Junk Cleaner Program, Boost Your PC

Best Junk Cleaner Program

The use of a computer that is quite intense can make computer performance decrease day by day. Several factors could indeed cause this. One that is quite influential and is not realized by users is unused files that accumulate on the system.

This file makes the computer's performance slower, and even if it continues to be left untreated, it may damage the system as a whole. Well, to prevent this, this time we will recommend some of the best computer cleaning applications for your personal computer. What are they? Here is the list:

1. IOBit Advanced SystemCare

Best Junk Cleaner Program

IOBit Advanced SystemCare is a PC cleaner that has an attractive appearance and is easy to operate. This cleaning application has various basic features that users can use, such as removing junk files such as registry, cache, cookies, and shortcuts that may no longer be used on the computer system.

One of the advantages of IOBit Advanced System Care is that additional features such as Turbo Boost and Anti Malware will protect your computer from various uniform viruses and malware that can damage the computer system. Get IOBit Advanced SystemCare.

2. AVG PC TuneUP

Best Junk Cleaner Program

One of the best PC cleaners that you can use is AVG PC TuneUp. This application is a PC cleaner known to clean various junk files and protect the computer system from various viruses and malware.

This application is also equipped with the Schedule & automatic routine maintenance feature to help users perform maintenance on the computer. In addition, the Sleep Mode feature can also help users temporarily disable unnecessary programs.

If you want to get more optimal computer performance, AVG PC TuneUp can be the right choice. Get AVG PC TuneUp.

3. Disk Cleanup

Best Junk Cleaner Program

Disk Cleanup is one of the default cleaning applications from Windows, which can improve computer performance. In addition to how easy and simple to use, the ability to clean junk files on the Windows operating system is quite good. It can even compete with other PC cleaners on the market.

Although this application is rarely used as the main cleaner, its ability to clean the computer is not doubted. To use Disk Cleanup, right-click on the disk you want to clean from useless junk files, select Properties, then click Disk Cleanup. After the scanning process is complete, select the file types you want to delete and click Clean up system files.

4. CCleaner

Best Junk Cleaner Program

PC Cleaner Next up is CCleaner. This cleaning application is known to have quite complete features. One of the interesting features is the Duplicate Finder feature which can detect duplicate files and clean them up.

In addition, this application can also clean the computer from various junk files such as cache, temporary files, thumbnails, registry entries to the browser tracker on the hard disk as a whole.

Well, because the quality is quite good, CCleaner is one application that is quite recommended to keep the computer system clean and improve computer performance. Download CCleaner.

5. Glary Utilities

Best Junk Cleaner Program

The next computer cleaning application is Glary Utilities. This application consists of two modes, namely free and paid mode. The difference between the two modes is known from the features offered, wherein the paid version the features offered are much more complete. This application is quite popular among personal computer users.

Some of the features you can use with this application include clean and repair, privacy and security, Optimize & Improve, system tools, and files and folders. These features have maximum performance for cleaning the PC from junk files, making the computer feel slow when working—download Glary Utilities.

6. Avast Cleanup

Best Junk Cleaner Program

The next app is Avast Cleanup. Avast Cleanup is an application that is quite widely used for computer cleaning today. Avast Cleanup itself is part of an antivirus company that is quite popular today, namely Avast Antivirus. This application performs well enough to keep the computer system healthy.

This application works by performing a deep scan to detect various junk files that can make the computer unable to work optimally. The advantage of this cleaner is that it has a feature that can detect the presence of bloatware or applications that have been unused for a long time on the computer.

7. Kingsoft PC Doctor

Best Junk Cleaner Program

The next best PC cleaner is Kingsoft PC Doctor. This cleaning application for PC protects PCs from various junk files and malware attacks that will reduce PC performance.

In addition to making computer performance more leverage, this application can also protect the computer from various virus attacks that can disrupt the computer system. Well, because it offers various interesting features to protect your PC, Kingsoft PC Doctor can also be the right choice to maximize the performance of your computer at home.

8. Storage Sense

Best Junk Cleaner Program

Storage Sense is a cleaning application on Windows 10. This application is considered effective in cleaning junk files stored in the computer system, such as logs, cache, and temporary files.

Well, because this application is a default product of the Windows 10 operating system, you no longer need to be confused or bothered about choosing a cleaning application to improve computer performance. One of the advantages of using this application is that it can clear the cache of the update process, which has a large size.

In addition, some caches from the Windows update process that other cleaners cannot detect can be easily detected by this application.

9. Razer Cortex

Best Junk Cleaner Program

Another pretty good option for cleaning your computer from junk files is Razer Cortex. This application is known as one of the cleaners that are widely used by gamers. This application can clean programs that are not used while playing games and be used as a booster.

Another thing that is quite interesting about this application is the 1-click booster feature that can help users perform all activities with just one click. If you are a true game lover, this cleaner is guaranteed to make your gaming experience even more comfortable.

10. Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Best Junk Cleaner Program

The last application to clean your computer from junk files that can interfere with performance is Ashampoo WinOptimizer. This application is equipped with a 1-click optimization feature that can help perform several functions simultaneously, such as cleaning the computer and giving new storage space.

In addition, this application is also equipped with a feature to detect files that carry viruses, malware, and spyware harmful to the computer.

Those are the 10 best PC junk cleaning applications that we have summarized for you. Some of them you may already be used to keep your computer healthy. So, do you have any other, more interesting recommendations? If so, then you can share it by commenting below.

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