10 Best Gaming Chair Brand Recommendations in 2021

Best Gaming Chair Brand

Gaming chairs can be considered one of the primary needs for professional gamers because gamers can spend a long time playing and completing their games. Therefore, they need special gaming chairs to stay comfortable during playing sessions.

On the market, there are many choices of gaming chairs from various well-known brands of gaming accessories. Because it is equipped with special features with superior materials, gaming chairs are generally sold quite expensive at millions of rupiah.

If you are looking for a gaming chair but are confused about which brand is the best, Carisignal will discuss some of the recommended ones below. Here is the list.


Best Gaming Chair Brand

ONEX is one of the most popular gaming chair brands for gamers. ONEX has many variants of gaming chairs that you can choose according to your needs. The price starts from IDR 1 million to USD 350.

One of the most popular models is the ONEX GX3. This USD 175 gaming chair, offers many excellent features designed for gamers' comfort and performance.

Some of its features include a pillow for head and back, 180-degree recline, 2D armrest, has a rocking function, adjustable height, etc. This chair also has 5 cool colour combinations.

2. Secretlab

Best Gaming Chair Brand

Secretlab has a variety of high-quality gaming chairs that are priced from 6 million rupiahs. This relatively high price is comparable to the quality it offers, making it one of the best choices for professional gamers.

TITAN2020 Series is one of the most popular gaming chair models from Secretlab. Sold for USD 520. This gaming chair offers a high degree of adjustment as well as ample space. This chair is designed to give the game great comfort, support, reliability and personalization.

Secretlab TITAN2020 is made with superior materials such as Secretlab Softweave Fabric which offers optimal comfort, softness, and strength. And there are many other excellent features of the gaming chair.

3. AndaSeat

Best Gaming Chair Brand

Another good gaming chair brand is AndaSeat. This brand has spread to dozens of countries, including Indonesia, and has become one of the leading gaming chair brands in the world e-sports industry.

Your variety of gaming chairs. Ergonomically designed seats you can choose according to your needs. The price offered starts from USD 140 to USD520. One of the most popular models is AndaSeat Jungle Series.

One of the innovative features of the AndaSeat Jungle Series is the AD+ Design. This feature significantly improves sitting health for gamers, whenever and wherever they sit. And many other excellent features for the convenience of gamers.

4. Fantech

Best Gaming Chair Brand

This fairly popular brand of computer accessories also has quality gaming chair products. The price offered starts from USD 70 to USD 420. One of the popular models is the Fantech Gaming Chair GC-181 for USD 150.

The gaming chair is made of PU Leather, which is durable, soft, and waterproof. Fantech combines it with a Precision-cut Cold-Cure Foam blend that provides perfect cushioning and support for a comfortable sitting experience.

Other features include a reclining function, adjustable armrests, durable PU Wheels that ensure smooth movement in all directions, and many other excellent features and innovations.

5. Rexus

Best Gaming Chair Brand

Rexus is one of the leading gaming accessories brands. The product lines are many and have been trusted by gamers in Indonesia. Not to forget, Rexus also issued several models of quality gaming chairs, in the price range of USD 70 to USD 210.

The Rexus RGC 103 is one of the most popular Rexus gaming chair models. Rexus said that the gaming chair adopted a multi-function system technology known as "frog" mechanical, 4D handle, and larger and stronger wheel diameter.

With the number of superior technologies it has, it is only natural that many gamers choose the Rexus RGC 103 because it offers a high level of comfort. The price itself is in the range of USD 210.

6. Redragon

Best Gaming Chair Brand

Redragon is not a foreign brand in the gaming industry. This brand offers various quality gaming accessories, including gaming mice, gaming keyboards, gaming headsets, and gaming chairs.

Although there are not many variants of the Redragon gaming chair, the features and innovations it offers are no less good than competing products. The Redragon Capricornus C502 is an example of a popular model.

The gaming chair offers various adjustment possibilities to get the comfort that gamers want. Other features include an adjustable piston that gives the seat height from 47 cm to 57 cm. And there are many more features that are not mentioned here.

7. Xiberia

Best Gaming Chair Brand

Xiberia brand gaming chairs are also recommended because of their quality products. One of the gaming chair models found in Indonesia is the Xiberia Arsenic Series Recline 180C which is sold at Rp. 6 million.

With this price, the quality it offers is one of the best in its class. The seat supports a 90 to 140-degree tilt mechanism. In addition, the footrest is also adjustable.

Made of quality PU leather, Xiberia Arsenic Series can withstand weights of up to 200 kg. Its classy design makes this gaming chair one of the best choices in its price class.

8. Armaggeddon

Best Gaming Chair Brand

Computer accessories brand Armaggeddon also has gaming chairs. One popular model is the Armaggeddon Nebuka III, which sells for around USD 180. The gaming chair is made of premium PU leather which is durable and comfortable to use.

The features it offers are also not inferior to competitors' products. Some of them are back cushions and headrests, which can be adjusted up to 160 degrees, and many others.

9. Imperion

Best Gaming Chair Brand

Imperion offers several quality gaming chair products generally sold in the range of USD 70 to USD 175. You can even find models under USD 70.

One of the models in great demand is the Imperion Phoenix 701, which is priced at around USD 175. The chair has a strong steel structure. It also supports a butterfly mechanism with a shake function.

Other features include 2D adjustable armrests, a soft foam interior covered in PU leather, a backrest that can be lowered up to 180 degrees, and more.

10. Cougar

Best Gaming Chair Brand

Cougar has several quality gaming chairs that you can choose according to your needs and budget. The price offered starts from USD 210 to USD 485. The Cougar Armor Titan Pro is one of the most popular models.

The gaming chair for USD 390 has a breathable PVC leather surface that has a texture similar to microsuede. With its maximum size, this gaming chair can withstand weights of up to 160 kg.

Those are some recommendations for the Inactiontech version of the gaming chair brand. Hopefully, this discussion can help you find the best gaming chair for you.

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