9 Tips for Choosing a Cheap and Quality Gaming Laptop

Tips for Choosing a Cheap and Quality Gaming Laptop

The world of games is getting more and more popular day by day. Inevitably, the need for reliable gadgets, whether it's a gaming cellphone or a gaming laptop, is increasing day by day.

It can be seen and now almost all brands have products for the gaming segment, including special gaming laptops with powerful specifications to be used to play games with high graphics.

For those who specifically want to buy a gaming laptop, not all gaming laptops are expensive. How come there are affordable cheap gaming laptops, and the specifications are still champions.

However, there are tips to consider if you are looking for a cheap gaming laptop to get the best device as expected, and not even a zonk. Here are the tips for you!

1. Pay attention to the VGA chipset series, not the large memory

Tips for Choosing a Cheap and Quality Gaming Laptop

The first zone that many people do when buying a gaming laptop is to focus too much on VGA or VRA memory. As a result, the VGA chipset series is even neglected. Though it should be the other way around. Research the chipset series first, then consider the memory size.

Gaming laptops are different from laptops for graphic design. VRAM in gaming is not much needed. So that you don't get bored when buying a gaming laptop, pay attention to the chipset series.

An example is the NVIDIA GeForce GT 720M. Well, this code has its own meaning. The first digit indicates the VGA generation. Yes, the VGA of this laptop means it is the seventh generation. Now the second and third digits mean the level of class or performance. Where the higher the number, the better the performance provided by the VGA.

The previous example, namely the NVIDIA GeForce GT 720M, shows that its performance is below the NVIDIA GeForce GT 635M. However, the GT 635M has more sophisticated technology because it is a newer generation. Therefore you must first know the laptop VGA chipset series before deciding to buy it or not.

2. Pay attention to the processor

Cheap and Quality Gaming Laptop

This is also a lot of misunderstanding. When buying a gaming laptop, many people prioritize VGA over the processor. So, perfect VGA is not matched by an equivalent processor, even though the processor can't be underestimated either.

Games are now getting more and more complex. Many games involve the performance of the processor. It doesn't stop there, and the processor also plays a role in easing the rendering process by VGA. Now for this, choose a non-ULV processor because the ULV series is not suitable for gaming.

AMD processors can be an option for you, for example, AMD Ryzen series 5 or 7. The price is clearly lower when compared to Intel. But if you still want a laptop that uses an Intel processor, you can look for a gaming laptop that uses at least an Intel Core i5. Although not as powerful as the Intel Core i7, this laptop also has decent performance.

3. Choose large RAM

Tips for Choosing a  Gaming Laptop

Yes, for gaming, even though it's a cheap laptop, make sure you choose one that has a large amount of RAM. Because the bigger the RAM, the smoother the multitasking process will be. No need to worry about the RAM clock speed either. Games now prioritize the RAM capacity and not the RAM clock speed.

4 . Pay attention to hard disk capacity

Cheap and Quality Gaming Laptop

For a gaming laptop, no matter how cheap it is, make sure you choose one with a minimum hard disk capacity of 500 GB. And if you later have an additional budget, you can upgrade the capacity of this hard disk. Not only to make the storage capacity bigger, but this upgrade will also improve laptop performance.

5. Choose upgradeable components

Tips for Choosing a Quality Gaming Laptop

You can buy a cheap gaming laptop. However, make sure you look for a laptop with most of its components upgradeable, especially the RAM and hard disk. The goal is as in point number 4, which is to increase storage capacity and improve the performance of your gaming laptop.

6. Consider screen size

Tips for Choosing a Cheap Gaming Laptop

For gaming, you need a comfortable laptop screen. In this case, the screen size plays a role. A laptop with a screen size of at least 14 inches can make you comfortable and more exciting when playing games. If you want to be more challenging, there's nothing wrong if you use a laptop with a 15-17-inch screen.

7. Choose a laptop that has a variety of ports

Choosing a Cheap and Quality Gaming Laptop

This point refers to the various connectivity offerings that your laptop provides. So when choosing a cheap gaming laptop, the port specifications it has are USB 2.0 ports, USB 3.0 ports, HDMI ports, and D-Sub ports.

USB 2.0 ports and USB 3.0 ports are useful in the installation of supporting peripherals. From the mouse, then the keyboard, or even the joystick. The gaming experience is not optimal if you use the laptop's default keyboard directly.

These various ports can also allow you to connect it to an LCD TV or monitor with a larger screen. And in this case, you need a laptop that has an HDMI port and a D-Sub port.

8. Always remember the warranty

Tips for Choosing a Laptop

This is also important. When you buy a gaming laptop, make sure you check the warranty because each brand provides a different warranty. Choosing a laptop with a long warranty will certainly be better.

Why do you need to be careful about the warranty? Yes, of course, so that if there is damage to the laptop hardware, you have a guarantee of repairing it. Because it's okay if you have to service or replace certain components using your own money.

9. Consider an older gaming laptop

Tips for Choosing a Gaming Laptop

The latest gaming laptops are exorbitant. So to get a cheap gaming laptop, you can choose an old model gaming laptop—for example, a laptop output in 2018 or output in 2019. The performance is definitely still pretty decent.

Those are 9 tips for choosing a cheap anti-zonk gaming laptop that you can practice when buying a cheap gaming laptop. So that you don't get stuck, choose a trusted store or marketplace if you buy a gaming laptop online. Besides being easy and practical, Choose online shopping that will also not make you get zonk.

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