List of 7 Best Browsers with Built-in VPN on Android

best browser with VPN for android

A virtual private network, commonly called a VPN, is a service with a "magic touch" that can encrypt internet activity and hide the user's location. In addition, VPN can unblock some blocked sites either by the relevant network provider or due to geolocation problems.

No longer can only be used separately. Some browsers now also provide a built-in VPN. Here are the 7 best browsers with VPN for android that you can download and install if you are interested.

1. Opera Browser, best browser with VPN for android 

best browser with VPN for android Opera

Opera has a built-in VPN that you can even use without having to create or have an account first. To access the VPN, you just need to go to Settings and then activate the VPN. There are no limitations for bandwidth or annoying ads.

You can choose to use the VPN in private and normal mode or only in private. The fact that the VPN feature is built right in makes it easy to use. Apart from that, VPN in Opera also comes with several options, such as virtual location options in Asia, Europe, and America.

Another advantage of the opera browser is that it can save a web page. So when a user reads on a web page and feels that other activities can't be finished reading an article on a website, you can save the page in opera mini. Later, when you want to re-read the page, you only need to view the saved page without accessing the internet and reaccessing the web. That way you can save your time and internet quota.

2. Tenta Private VPN Browser

best browser with VPN for android Private vpn

Tenta is a mobile browser with a focus on privacy and security. It has a built-in VPN which is available for free but with some limitations.

Tenta offers a paid version of their VPN that unlocks all VPN servers and can be used outside of the browser itself.

Some of the VPN servers available include Japan, the USA, UK, India, Korea, and many more.

The free version unlocks one of those servers, but the good news is, it doesn't put a limit on bandwidth. Tenta itself can be downloaded for free.

3. Aloha Browser

best browser with VPN for android Aloha

Aloha is the following browser to come with a built-in VPN. The main features of a VPN on Aloha are unlimited traffic, hidden IP addresses to avoid trackers, prevention of DNS leaks, and unsaved activity logs.

Aloha itself offers more than 10 VPN servers located in Asia, Europe, Africa, and America. But just like Tenta's VPN, the free version doesn't allow you to choose a specific server. However, a paid version of the VPN can be used outside of the browser to access blocked apps like Reddit.

4. Epic Privacy Browser

best browser with VPN for android Epic

Epic provides a built-in VPN, although it must be downloaded as an additional extension. The VPN that is carried packs unlimited bandwidth. You can choose one of the servers provided, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Singapore, Netherlands, and India.

Epic's proxy system also comes with a no-logs policy, an essential feature of a VPN. To download the VPN, you can go directly to Mobile Extensions on the main browser page.

As part of its efforts to protect your privacy, Epic Privacy Browser displays a list of all trackers detected when you open a site.

This list appears in a pop-up in the lower right corner for a few seconds. You can also view the same list by clicking the umbrella-shaped button on the toolbar, then selecting the See Trackers Blocked option.

5. Cake Web Browser

best browser with VPN for android Cake

Cake Browser takes the same privacy and security approach as most of the browsers on this list. Some of them include providing password protection features, do not track, private tabs with time limits, and most importantly, unlimited VPN services.

Although the VPN on Cake doesn't limit bandwidth, you need to use the paid version if you want to take advantage of all its features. The paid version of Cake's VPN offers the ability to choose a server and use it outside of Cake itself.

6. AVG Browser

best browser with VPN for android AVG

AVG is a free browser with a built-in VPN that is easy to use. As the name implies, this browser is made by one of the well-known companies experts in making security software, namely AVG Technologies.

This VPN service in the browser has more than 30 servers, can be used outside the browser, and offers various privacy modes when browsing. However, all these features are not free and can only be accessed for the paid version. To use the VPN, you only need to tap VPN Browsing, and your future browsing activities are guaranteed to be safe.

One of AVG Browser's other conveniences is what you can feel when your account automatically logs out due to a deleted cookie or because the login session has reached its time limit.

If the account password is already stored in the password manager, you only need to click the Sign In or Login button to reaccess your account. There is no need to type a password in the login field because that field is already filled in automatically.

7. Tor Browser

best browser with VPN for android Tor

Tor doesn't actually have a built-in VPN, but it does offer one of the critical features commonly found in services like VPNs.

Tor takes a different approach to protect its users' browsing activity in that it routes browsing traffic through the Tor network using a multi-layered encryption system.

In addition, just like activating a VPN, browsing via Tor also prevents you from being a tracker and allows you to access sites that are blocked by both your location and your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

To note, Tor Browser is a browser-based on Firefox. Users can get conveniences such as browsing tabs but not connecting directly to the sites visited.

Instead, Tor will use a network of encrypted servers that bounce requests across multiple intermediate links. Thanks to that, the IP address and identity of the user will be hidden.

Before this, mobile users could just use the Tor Browser. However, you have to rely on other apps like Orbot or Orfox. Tor provides its own application and will directly connect to the browser as soon as the application is opened.

That was the review and the recommendation for the best browser application with a default VPN on Android. You can download all the browsers on the list above for free, but some of them have paid VPNs (optional) if you want to fully enjoy their features.

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