10 Recommendations for a Reliable PDF to Word Convert Application

convert pdf to word apps

Document formats have developed into various types in this increasingly sophisticated era, generally known as two formats: Doc/Docx and PDF. Both are used for various document purposes, which results in the intensity of using converter applications being sought after. Before discussing converter applications, it's a good idea to understand the types of PDF formats briefly.

Portable Document Format or better known as PDF, is an extension that comes from Adobe Systems. The PDF format includes text and image types, but this format can include interactive buttons such as videos, links and more. PDFs are often used in e-books, various brochures, and scanned documents.

PDF itself is a read-only extension. Therefore, many applications that support PDF appear to be able to edit to convert them. Here are 10 recommendations for reliable PDF to Word converter applications.

1. Adobe Acrobat Standard DC

convert pdf to word apps

Adobe Acrobat Standard DC is a software developed by Adobe Systems. This free application can print, view, sign PDF. Apart from that, this PDF viewer app can interact with all other PDF content, like interacting with multimedia.

With this app, you can convert documents and images into PDFs that can be retrieved on your cell phone and other storage places. Not only that, but the PDF format can also be converted into editable XLSX, PPTX, and RTF formats.

In addition, this application is superior to Adobe Acrobat Reader in general because Adobe Standard is better in operating systems and synchronizing data on devices. However, this application is only available on PC, while the converter application from Adobe available on mobile is Adobe Reader.

2. WPS PDF to Word Converter

convert pdf to word apps

Who doesn't know WPS Office? This office application developed by Kingsoft is superior and is always equated with Ms Offices. They also have a PDF converter app. As the name suggests, WPS PDF offers a very easy to use PDF conversion with various format conversions available.

This application for computers supports Windows, Linux and Mac devices. In addition to its super-fast conversion, WPS PDF to Word Converter also maintains excellent conversion quality, as is the case with maintaining font formatting, images and layout.

3. Nitro Office PDF Suite

convert pdf to word apps Nitro

Microsoft users are also offered a free PDF converter application that can be found in the Microsoft Store. The app's name is Nitro Office PDF Suite: PDF Editor & Reader, Annotate PDF, Merge PDF, Split PDF, Create PDF, Convert PDF. As the name suggests, this application is complete for modifying the PDF format.

Developed by Nitro Office & DVD App, this PDF converter application is not only used on PCs but can also be used on mobile phones. Nitro Office is one of the best alternative applications that you can get for free. The reason is, this application is the same as Microsoft Office software.

In this application, users can convert PDF files to various formats, even into image formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, and TIFF. Even though it's free, some features require users to pay for it to be used in full.

4. UniPDF

convert pdf to word apps

No less interesting, UniPDF presents a PDF converter application that is free from complexity and confusion of use. This PDF converter application is fairly easy to use. Download instructions and confusing options like other converter apps are not found in this app.

UniPDF supports many formats to be converted, such as image files PNG, JPG, BMP, PCX, TGA, etc. The conversion quality is also very high quality and good. The output results are like fonts, and the layout is the same as the previous result and looks very identical. Windows users only support this app.

5. Nuance Power PDF Standard

convert pdf to word apps

Another best converter support application for Windows is Nuance Power PDF Standard. It is a PDF viewer, reader and editor application. The appearance of the purple icon with two opposite arrow lines clearly gives a fairly understandable meaning. This application is straightforward to use and has complete features.

These include applications often compared by Adobe Reader DC and favoured by business people because they are expensive and complex programs. Although its main feature is simply conversion, it is an excellent PDF document management helper.

6. Wide Angle PDF Converter

convert pdf to word apps Wide Angle PDF

If you want to have a quality product for your business PDF file needs, Wide Angle is a must-have. The reason is, this Windows application has a nice appearance and is easy to use. Wide Angle offers essential features for your easy editing of PDF files.

Not only Doc/Docx, but this application also offers many types of format converters such as EPUB, XPS, SVG, TXT and others. Modify PDF like files combined, split, tagged and easy navigation to edit PDF. However, to unlock all the features, you have to buy them first.

7. Wondershare PDFelement

convert pdf to word apps Wondershare PDFelement

Besides being known for its video editing applications, Wondershare also offers a PDF converter application. This app is available on Windows, Mac and even Android and iOS. With the appearance of its trendy and contemporary product website, it can be illustrated that this application is easy with a minimalist style for its users.

Wondershare PDFelement provides various features for reading and editing PDF formats. Such as being able to mark content, creating to being able to lock your PDF files safely. Don't be afraid to choose the wrong one, because this application has been used by various well-known brands and is used by more than 2 million users. So, the app could be your best choice!

8. Foxit PhantomPDF

convert pdf to word apps Foxit PhantomPDF

No less sophisticated than the others, you can try Foxit PhantomPDF Standard. This application is suitable for those of you who don't want the hassle of converting and editing PDFs. Foxit PhantomPDF provides 2 options, namely Foxit PhantomPDF Standard and Foxit PhantomPDF Business.

For the Standard version, this application is perfect for individual and group work to edit, organize and convert PDFs. In comparison, Business is a higher version that is suitable for large companies. This is not an application that only converts PDF to Doc. It is much more than that.

9. Investintech Free Online PDF to Word Converter

convert pdf to word apps Inventintech

If you want to convert PDF and easily, Investintech is the answer. Here you will be presented with free converting online without the hassle of entering an email and registering first. You have to drag & drop the file to upload it and then click to convert it to another format.

Not only that, but Investintech also offers a similar PDF converter application. The difference is that this application is much more complex and complete than just converting. The name of the app is Able2Extract PDF Converter which is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

10. SodaPDF

convert pdf to word apps SodeaPDF

Not just an application, SodaPDF can also be used through its online browser, such as converting, merging, editing and compressing PDFs. Only with online capital you can easily use the SodaPDF application for free.

In addition, SodaPDF also provides an application for those of you who want to use it offline. This easy and simple PDF editor application is a must-have. The conditions are easy. You need to download and then create a SodaPDF account. After that, you can use this PDF converter application offline.

Those are 10 PDF to Word converter applications and various other formats. Although many PDF converter software has been found and used for free online, this does not allow people to download much better and quality applications to edit PDF format, even the paid ones, at once.

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