10 Best Scanner Apps on Android, Scan Documents Via Smartphone

Best Scanner Apps on Android

No need to buy a scanner anymore!

Before smartphones were as smart as today, many things had to be done by a special tool whose function was to do this. Like taking photos, in the past, it could only be done by an object called a camera before smartphones were finally equipped with cameras.

Or another example, for example, scanning documents in the past could only be done by photocopiers that have a scanner sensor, but now it can be done by smartphones.

Now many things can be done with just a smartphone. Likewise, with scanned documents. The results are not much different from the scan results from the scan machine. As long as you are good at using it, you will definitely get the results you want.

How to scan documents via a smartphone is very easy. You need to download one of the 10 best scanner applications on Android.

Best Scanner App on Android

If you didn't have the tools to scan your own documents in the past, you had to go to the nearest photocopy shop and spend some money to digitize your physical documents. Now that's no longer necessary, save your money and try the 10 best scanner apps on Android below.

1. Camscanner

Best Scanner Apps on Android Camscanner

The first best scanner application on Android is Camscanner. With the Camscanner application, you can easily scan physical documents into digital form. You can save the document in PDF, doc, JPG, and other formats. The results are also guaranteed okay!

2. Docufy Scanner

Best Scanner Apps on Android Docufy

Docufy Scanner is the next best scanner app on Android. Not only does it offer the convenience of scanning documents.

Docufy Scanner also has several excellent features, such as enhance features, file conversion, add annotations, sync files, invoices, contracts, and so on. So, with Docufy Scanner, you can do many things in one application.

3. Genius Scan – PDF Scanner

Best Scanner Apps on Android Genius Scan

After scanning the document, you will definitely find it difficult to enter the documents one by one. You will not do this if you use the Genius Scan – PDF Scanner application. This scanner application will really make it easier for you to scan documents with many documents at once.

4. TurboScan Free: PDF Scanner

Best Scanner Apps on Android TurboScan

If you want to find another application that can simultaneously scan large amounts of documents, you can also use TurboScan Free: PDF Scanner.

This application can scan multi-pages for receipts, documents, notes, and various other texts. This is an alternative if you are tired of using Genius Scan.

5.Camera 2 PDF Scanner Creator

Best Scanner Apps on Android Camera 2 PDF

The next best scanner application on Android is Camera 2 PDF Scanner Creator. This application is suitable if you want a scanner application without other additional features.

So, the Camera 2 PDF Scanner Creator application can only be used to scan documents. You can also get unlimited cloud storage, you know.

6.SimplyScan: PDF Camera Scanner

Best Scanner Apps on Android SimplyScan

As the name implies, SimplyScan: PDF Camera Scanner is a simple and lightweight scanner application. Although light, the features offered are not inferior to other applications. Users can also convert documents to PDF format, photos, or ZIP files for multi-page documents.

7.Office Lens

Best Scanner Apps on Android Office Lens

You can find interesting but simple features in Office Lens, the best scanner application on Android. You can convert the document you scan into various formats, from PDF to PowerPoint. For documents scanned with Office Lens they can be saved in OneNote or OneDrive.

8.Tiny Scanner-PDF Scanner App

Best Scanner Apps on Android Tiny Scanner

It's light, and the process is fast. The results are good without editing here and there. You can get it if you use the Tiny Scanner-PDF Scanner App. This scanner application can be used to scan various forms of documents. Tiny Scanner-PDF Scanner App is suitable if you use a tablet.

9.Fast Scanner: Free PDF Scan

Best Scanner Apps on Android Fast Scanner

Fast Scanner application: Free PDF Scan allows users to create multiple page scanners for various documents. You can also print scanned documents directly via Fast Scanner: Free PDF Scan.

10.PDF Pocket Scanner

Best Scanner Apps on Android PDF Pocket

The last best scanner application on Android is PDF Pocket Scanner. This application is perfect if you want to digitize invoices, receipts, notes, and various other forms of documents easily and without hassle. You can scan as many pages as you want without any limitations with just PDF Pocket Scanner.

Those are the 10 best scanner apps on Android that allow you to scan the documents you want without spending more. Internet and smartphones indeed bring many benefits, but many will also be eliminated because of both. 

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