10 Best Polaroid Photo Editing Apps on Android and iOS

Best Polaroid Photo Editing Apps

The development of digital cameras does not make polaroid or instant cameras lose their existence. Many people still love this instant camera photo effect. Unfortunately, to get an instant camera, you need to spend a lot of money.

But you don't need to worry, because technology is now advanced, so you don't need to buy this instant camera to get Polaroid-style photos. Many Polaroid photo editing applications can be installed on gadgets and used to take or edit photos with Polaroid effects.

For those who want to know what Polaroid photo editing application can make you get Polaroid-style aesthetic photos, follow the article below, OK!

1. InstaLab

Best Polaroid Photo Editing Apps InstaLab

With the InstaLab application, you can take photos or import photos in the gallery to convert photos as a polaroid camera took them. You can directly print the results yourself to hang as room decorations, put in photo albums, and of course, you can also share them on social media.

InstaLab also offers several features to beautify Polaroid photos, such as editing tones, adding filters or textures to fonts such as handwriting. Polaroid photo editing application from InstaLab can be enjoyed by downloading it via Google Play or the App Store.

2. Polycam

Best Polaroid Photo Editing Apps Polycam

The next Polaroid photo editing application recommendation comes from the Wonder App Team developer, namely Polycam. This application offers a lot of editing features that can make your polaroid photos look more artistic. Here there are more than 25 filters to choose from to make your photos look more vintage.

This application also offers many effects, such as a light leak, film burn, and grain texture. Apart from that, you can easily adjust the size, ratio, lightness, or other details. Editing features and using this application, you can also take photos with retro camera lens effects.

All the features in this application will make it easier for you to get photos that resemble authentic Polaroid results. However, this full-featured app is only available for Android. If interested, you can immediately visit Google Play to download and install it.

3. Polaroid Originals

Best Polaroid Photo Editing Apps Polaroid Original

Polaroid Originals offers a feature to convert photos taken from your phone's digital camera into Polaroid-like photos. Interestingly, this application offers a feature to make photo collages even up to 9 frames. In addition to editing, with this application, you can also take photos in the style of an instant camera which is also equipped with an autofocus function.

This application is specifically made to be connected with Polaroid Lab and OneStep + cameras to make scanning, sharing, and editing easier. However, it can still function well to take and edit photos with Polaroid-style frames. If interested, Polaroid Originals can be downloaded on the App Store or Google Play.

4. InstaMini

Best Polaroid Photo Editing Apps Insta mini

This InstaMini application will offer the experience of using various types of instant cameras on your gadget. In addition to offering a wide range of camera filter effects, there are also various interesting frame options here. Then, an up-close viewfinder feature will make it easier to set which object will be captured by the camera.

Unfortunately, this application has some limitations, where the effects that can be used for free are only InstaMini. But other effects still offer trial versions, so you can still use them even if they are limited.

Another limitation is that in a day the number of films that can be enjoyed is only 10. To be able to enjoy it fully, you are required to subscribe to the premium version. For those who like the catches of these instant cameras, you only need to install this application via Google Play.

5. StoryLab

Best Polaroid Photo Editing Apps StoryLab

For those looking for a polaroid photo editing application to add to the aesthetics of Instagram Stories or Feeds, StoryLab is an application that must be on your gadget. This app offers more than 700 templates for Instastory and around 500 ready-to-use Instagram Feeds, including polaroid style frames.

In addition, through this application, you can also customize photos with a wide selection of filters and effects, including retro to add a vintage impression. Then, you can also decorate it with additional stickers, text, and brushes. Polaroid editing applications that can beautify your Instagram can be obtained by downloading them through Google Play.

6. Lomo Cam

Best Polaroid Photo Editing Apps LomoCam

By installing the Lomo Cam application, you can edit the photos on your phone to be like Polaroid photos. To support the results given to resemble the Fuji Instax camera, they offer more than 25 choices of retro camera filters. In addition, there are also various choices of effects such as a light leak, film burn, and dusty texture.

This app is also equipped with a retro camera lens that can take polaroid pictures in a vintage style. Polaroid photo editing application from Lomo Cam can be enjoyed on your Android by downloading it via Google Play.

7. MolyCam

Best Polaroid Photo Editing Apps MolyCam

MolyCam is a polaroid photo-editing application that has been designed similar to the style of classic Fuji cameras. This application is equipped with more than 50 retro film filters to provide photo-quality like an analog camera. More than 60 variants of light leaks are typical of analog cameras with refined textures and color shifts.

In addition, they also provide several variations of Instax photo frames with various interesting patterns. MolyCam can also be used to capture photos through the viewfinder with results that resemble Fuji cameras. Unfortunately, this app is only available for iOS users. For those who are interested, you can download it via the App Store.

8. Nichi

Best Polaroid Photo Editing Apps Nichi

Nichi is an app similar to StoryLab in that they include ready-made layouts for Stories. One of the available layouts also includes a polaroid photo frame. This app also provides Polaroid-style filters and other retro filters to add an old-fashioned feel to your photos.

Interestingly, they have a wide variety of toolkits for customizing text, stickers, and backgrounds. The background that can be selected is not only limited to choosing colors, and you can also change the texture.

Then, the available text also comes in various types of handwriting fonts that can support Korean, Chinese, and Japanese writing. For those interested in Nichi, this application can be obtained for free by downloading it through Google Play and the App Store.

9. mySquare

Best Polaroid Photo Editing Apps MySquare

For those who need a simple Polaroid photo editing application, mySquare deserves to be on your gadget. With this application, you have to choose a photo from the phone gallery, choose a color or texture from the frame, and choose the appropriate filter.

You can also decorate it with text that comes in a variety of fonts and colors. If you are interested, this application can be downloaded via Google Play.

10. Polaroid SnapTouch

Best Polaroid Photo Editing Apps SnapTouch

Another polaroid photo editing app comes from Polaroid SnapTouch. This application will easily change your photos to be like polaroid photos. Then, you can also edit the photo by adding filters and adjusting photo frames. In addition, this application also offers tools for simple photo editing such as adjusting brightness, temperature, and blurring.

Then, there are tools to add text with various fonts and colors, stickers, and several brushes to make photos look more beautiful. Apart from editing, this app can also be used to take polaroid-style photos. And Polaroid SnapTouch can be on your gadget by downloading it on Google Play and the App Store.

Well, that's a selection of polaroid photo editing applications that can be used to get aesthetic Polaroid-style photos. Of the many Polaroid photo editing applications above, which ones are you most interested in?

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