10 Photo Storage Applications Recommendations

Photo Storage Applications

The Google Photos application is indeed one of the best photo storage recommendations to store as many photo collections as you want. But it's a shame that you can no longer save the photos you want in Google Photos starting June 1, 2021, and the photo data already in Google Photos will be transferred to your Google Drive with a maximum of 15GB of storage.

It's a shame that we can't use unlimited Google Photos anymore, but Inactiontech here has several recommendations for where to store photos other than Google Photos. Here are some of the best photo storage places besides Google Photos.

Some of the options that Inactiontech suggests below might be an alternative for you to save photos when Google Photos is no longer unlimited.

The options below may be paid to get large storage, and some are free by following the given terms. What are the best places to save photos besides Google Photos? Let's read this article to the end.

1. DropBox

Photo Storage

In the first position, the best place to store photos is DropBox. DropBox itself is the best cloud storage for those looking for a photo storage place other than Google Photos. One DropBox account can be used by many users. DropBox also has a free version which only provides 2GB of storage.

In this DropBox, you can get 2TB of storage for only paying 9.99 dollars or Rp. 140,000 per month. This service also allows you to send files up to 100MB and 30 days to recover junk files.

2. Amazon Photos

Photo Storage Applications

The next option is Amazon Photo, which you can use to store photos. With this cloud storage service, you are only limited to 5GB for the free version. Amazon Photo itself also provides an image feature with original quality that is automatically synced so you can share with other members who are registered with the same package.

To get 100GB of storage, you only have to pay 1.99 dollars per month or the equivalent of Rp. 280,000 thousand.


Storage Applications

In the 3rd position, the best photo storage place is MEGA. MEGA itself is cloud storage that you can use to store videos and photos here. You can get 50GB of free storage, but only for the first 30 days. After 1 month, you will get 15GB of cloud storage.

Not only that, you will be given additional free storage for one year if you recommend their service to your friends and sign up.

4. Degoo

Photo Storage

The next best-recommended place to save photos is Degoo. One of the best alternative storage because you will get 100GB of cloud storage.

Degoo itself claims, all files will be encrypted end-to-end, and you will get 500GB of storage just by inviting your friends to sign up for this Degoo service. In this service, you can also get automatic backup options.

5. OneDrive

Photo Storage Applications

In the 5th position of the recommendation for the safest place to store photos in OneDrive, OneDrive itself is a photo storage place belonging to Microsoft's big company. Made by Microsoft, it is usually used for business purposes because it has been proven by Microsoft Office applications.

In addition, you can also use it separately by downloading the application through your smartphone, and your photos will be automatically synced to the OneDrive cloud.

6. iCloud

Photo Storage Applications

Next is iCloud. This storage service made by Apple can be another option for you Apple users to store your photos. iCloud itself is arguably Apple's Google Drive.

In iCloud, there are also several features such as iCloud Drive, iCloud Storage, iCloud Photo Library. If you want the best place to store photos, please use iCloud Drive. For only USD 1 every month, you can get 50GB, USD 3 for 200GB. You can upgrade the storage according to your needs.

7. Flickr

Photo Storage Applications

In 7th place, Inactiontech has a recommendation for where to store the best Flickr photos. Flickr is usually used by professionals, for example, those who work in the field of photography. Here you can store photos of high quality. Here you can still use them for regular storage.

In this place, You no need to worry about your photos not being saved or lost. Because Flickr has an automatic synchronization feature in this place. For free users, Flickr will provide a storage capacity of 1000 photos.


Storage Applications

The next best place to store photos is PLEX, a media server service that you can access through your PC and MAC. PLEX itself is usually used to store movies, but you can use it to store your photos for the Android version.

9. Imgur Photo Storage

Photo Storage Applications

If you like playing on Reddit, you must be familiar with Imgur. One of the Redditors' favourite places, you don't have to register here. You just have to upload the photos you want with a free account. Imgur also has its official app, which will make it easier to store photos online.

You can upload photos and animated GIFs without reducing image quality for a maximum image size of 20MB and 200MB for GIF.

10. ImageShack Photo Storage

Photo Storage

For those who want to upload your photos without lowering the image quality, maybe you should try ImageShack. In ImageShack, you can also create photo albums and organize them by tags and explore other people's photos for reference.

Here there is also a privacy feature for you to save your photos without the public knowing. ImageShack also provides unlimited storage if 1 photo file is no more than 25MB.

Those were some of the best alternative places to store photos besides Google Photos. If you have a photography hobby, the service above may be a must for you to try to save the results of your photos.

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