How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently and Temporarily

Delete Instagram Account

Association on social media is not as easy as polishing our real identity in the real world.

Findings from JAMA Pediatrics show that as a result of social media, 580 thousand young people attempted suicide in 2007, and this number increased eight years later to 1.12 million cases.

Therefore, our team wants to help those looking for ways to stay away from social media, especially Instagram.

This article will tell you how to delete an Instagram account. There are various ways to delete a permanent IG account or how to disable IG temporarily.

How to Delete an Instagram Account Permanently and Temporarily

Delete Instagram Account

There are two types of deletion of an Instagram account: permanently and temporarily (deactivate or deactivate). The following is a complete guide to each type of Instagram account deletion.

How to Permanently Delete Instagram Account

Below are the steps to permanently delete an Instagram account.

  1. Open Instagram via a computer or mobile browser, then log in to the account you want to delete.
  2. Visit the Instagram account deletion link here.
  3. Choose one of the reasons for deleting the Instagram account.
  4. Retype Instagram account password to confirm.
  5. Click 'Delete username' to permanently delete the account.
  6. Done, the Instagram account has been deleted.

Your account data will remain on Instagram servers for 30 days after the date of deletion. So, you can still restore the account as long as it hasn't passed that period.

How to Delete Temporary Instagram Account

If you need a break from Instagram, you might be more interested in deactivating your account. Following are the steps to temporarily delete an Instagram account:

  1. Open the Instagram.com website via a browser, then log in to your Instagram account
  2. Click your profile photo in the top right corner, then select Settings.
  3. On the Edit Profile page, select the Temporarily disable my account menu.
  4. Select the reason why the account will be deactivated.
  5. Re-enter your password to confirm
  6. Click "Temporarily Disable Account."
  7. Done, your Instagram account has been successfully deactivated.
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How to Delete an IG Account Through an Application on a smartphone

In addition to deleting an account via a browser, there is a way to delete an Instagram account through an application on your smart device.

But, it doesn't mean you can immediately deactivate/delete an account through the application, yes, but Instagram makes it easy for you to access the account deletion website. Here's how you can do it:

  1. When you are logged in to the Instagram account that will be deleted, click on your profile.
  2. Click the option, the three horizontal lines at the top right.
  3. Select Settings in the bottom row.
  4. Select Help, then Help Center.
  5. You will be directed to the instagram.com page, then select "Stop Using Instagram"
  6. On the next page, select "How do I delete my Instagram account?"
  7. Select the "Delete Your Account" link
  8. Continue how to delete Instagram and the reason


Through this article tutorial, you now know that there are various ways to delete an Instagram account, be it through a browser or an application.

However, as additional information, it's okay if you want to delete your profile from social media and do the way to delete your IG account as above.

In addition to Instagram accounts, you should also delete other unused accounts to reduce the risk of identity theft.

But don't leave your business social media accounts disabled either. The reason is, social media today can be the right tool for you to reach your target audience, especially if your target market is Instagram users.

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