10 Best Chess Games on PC to Sharpen Strategy

Best Chess Games on PC

Chess is a strategy game that anyone can play. Two people can play this game on a board consisting of 64 black and white squares. However, playing it is not as easy as it looks because it requires a basic understanding of chess to avoid a misstep in moving each pawn.

Currently, playing chess can be played via video games both offline and online. On the Windows platform (PC), chess-themed games, of course, have quite a lot of choices for you to download and play. Everything is available for those who want to learn to play chess or hone their skills by challenging other players.

Carisignal this time will provide a list of recommended chess games that can be played on your favorite gaming PC, respectively. Curious about anything? Just take a look at the full review below.

1. Chess Ultra (2017)

Best Chess Games on PC

Chess Ultra is considered to be the most amazing chess game ever made. This game brings strategy gameplay with a modern twist, offering the best experience through stunning 4K visuals. In addition, there are 10 levels of difficulty levels controlled by AI, and this game supports playing in VR.

The difficulty level for beginners works very well and can be used as a training ground to understand the basics of playing chess. Up from one level to a more difficult level, you will be faced with the harder game.

This game provides a competitive playing experience with various levels of difficulty that can challenge every player. In online mode, players must think quickly and tactically because the game uses a timer, so don't make the wrong strategy if you don't want to lose just like that. Download the game here.

2. 3D Chess (2016)

Best Chess Games on PC

If you are tough enough to play chess, then try this one game. 3D Chess offers three games: fighting against fellow players, playing online, and testing courage in chaos mode. These options are presented for those who want to test their skills in playing strategy on the chessboard.

This game has four different levels of difficulty that can be adapted to the abilities of each player. Playing online is the best way to measure chess skills by challenging every player globally.

In chaos mode, players will be faced with difficult situations because they will play against players with abilities that are difficult to guess. Download the game here.

3. Chess: King of Crowns Chess Online (2018)

Best Chess Games on PC

This game has four chess clubs classified according to the skill level of the player. When you get the highest score or win more matches, you can join a club with a better level. Each club can participate in the tournaments held in this game, and you can have the opportunity to fight players from other clubs.

Players can adjust the style of play based on the speed level when playing chess. If you like casual games, players can set it into a casual style. If you are quite proficient with fast-moving games, you can choose to use the BLITZ style.

All opponents in this game are real players and are not controlled by the AI ​​system. The ranking system and statistics are also based on real match results. Here, you'll find real players from all over the world that you can fight against. Download the game here.

4. Viking Chess: Hnefatafl (2020)

Best Chess Games on PC

You can play this game single-player against AI or multiplayer online. This is a chess-based strategy board game using Viking characters as pawns.

Before entering the main game, players can follow the tutorial first to easily adapt to the mechanics of the game Viking Chess: Hnefatafl.

This game has clear 3D graphics and is one of the main attractions to captivate every player. Viking Chess: Hnefatafl was released on March 6, 2020, and currently has 22 positive reviews. If you want to try the sensation of playing chess that is fresher, this one game doesn't hurt to try. Download the game here.

5. Tabletop Playground (2020)

Best Chess Games on PC

Through Unreal Engine 4, the game sessions are awe-inspiring, with control mechanisms that are easy to control. In addition, the game room is designed with beautiful 3D visuals with graphic details that look realistic. This game itself supports being able to be played through the VR mechanism.

This game includes many types of games, and chess is one of the prima donnas that is fun to try. Players can play chess against Ai with adjustable difficulty levels or play with other players online.

Tabletop Playground is considered a new game and is still fresh because it was released on May 16, 2020. If you want a complete package of an exciting and entertaining playground, you can install this game right away and try to play it. Download the game here.

6. Fritz Chess 14 (2014)

Best Chess Games on PC

FRITZ CHESS 14 has the game features needed to complete chess games such as learning (tutorial), training, and competing. The gameplay in each match is stronger and, of course, can be adjusted by each player's ability.

This game also gives flexibility to players by offering training modes at all levels. The existence of these tutorials is certainly helpful for beginners in understanding the tricks of playing slick chess. For example, players will be taught how to start the right steps and accuracy when they first start the game.

This one game then has all types of players, from amateurs and professionals to even Grand Master class. This game has its own community database so that all types of players, from beginners to experts, are registered in FRITZ CHESS 14. Download the game here.

7. Chess 2: The Sequel (2014)

Best Chess Games on PC

Chess 2: The Sequel comes with an evolution of chess games designed for pro players. This game offers something different by presenting six troops to choose from in each match. Each of them has unique and varied abilities.

The six armies consist of classic troops with a queen, king warriors, empowered troops (bishops, knights, and rooks), animal troops, nemesis troops, and reaper troops. To maximize the ability of each troop, players can choose it according to the strength characteristics of the opponent they will face.

In this game, there is no such thing as a draw (series). Each player will compete only to determine who is the real winner or loser. With such a concept, this game is very challenging for anyone good at playing chess. Download the game here.

8. Pure Chess Grandmaster Edition (2016)

Best Chess Games on PC

This game has become one of the most popular chess games by getting 104 positive reviews on the Steam service site. Pure Chess Grandmaster Edition brings a variety of interesting features, such as featuring nine chess pieces designed in both classic and modern styles and comprehensive tutorials that teach players from basic, intermediate, and advanced levels.

This game also presents various locations where chess matches are held. All locations are, of course, designed and designed with stunning visuals. Players will face difficulty levels controlled by AI, starting from the beginner level to the highest level, namely the Grand Master level.

If you want to really conquer this game, players can start using the tutorial feature first. Even though players feel good at playing chess, entering tutorial mode doesn't hurt to hone their skills in playing chess strategy. Download the game here.

9. Simply Chess (2015)

Best Chess Games on PC

As the name implies, this game focuses on the quality of the game by presenting a classic feel and full of challenges. Simple but not easy to conquer this one game, players will face 100 levels of difficulty controlled by the AI ​​system. Simply Chess is perfect for those of you who really want to experience playing chess in peace.

This game developed by BlueLine Games can be played online or offline. Simply Chess received a fairly positive response on the Steam service site with almost 2,324 reviews from users. With such a good response, of course, this game has a guaranteed quality of interesting gameplay, and you should try to play it. Download the game here.

10. Battle Chess: Game of Kings (2015)

Best Chess Games on PC

Battle Chess: Game of Kings features the concept of medieval warfare reflected on a chessboard. This game combines the mechanics of intense chess play with colorful and dramatic 3D animation. This game developed by Olde Sküül has various game modes such as multiplayer, skill challenges, battleground training, and tutorials.

Players will play against AI with a scalable difficulty level or face off against other players online in multiplayer mode. When playing in the skill challenge mode, players must complete the challenge of the game scenario by performing certain moves on the chessboard.

Meanwhile, you will be tested in the mastery of tactics for the battleground training mode by placing a piece strategically on the chessboard. The tutorial mode is a choice for those who want to know the basic rules of playing chess with a slightly humorous explanation style. Download the game here.

Those are 10 chess games for the PC platform that you can play. You can download all of these games on the Steam site, and they will certainly provide an exciting and challenging chess-playing experience. Don't forget to keep practicing because who knows, you will become proficient and beat all the challenges in this online chess game.

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