7 Alternative Search Engines Besides Google Search

Alternative Search Engines

Google Search is arguably the most popular search engine or search engine. Google Search is used by almost everyone around the world. Search Engine became Google's main identity before expanding by acquiring several technology companies such as Android, YouTube, and Fitbit.

Google Search was used 62 trillion times in 2019. That number is challenging for competitors to approach that number. Apart from this, Google Search is not the only search engine that you can use. Some can even do what Google Search can't. Here's the list!

1. Ecosia Search Engines

Alternative Search Engines

Google is doing good to the world in its way, and Ecosia is doing its part in small ways. When you browse via this search engine, 80 per cent of advertising profits will go to programs that help plant trees in countries such as Burkina Faso, Madagascar, and Peru.

Ecosia itself uses Bing that has been modified, and does not filter what users are looking for. However, Ecosia highlights sites that support their program by placing a green leaf icon next to the search results.

2. Qwant Search Engines

Alternative Search Engines

For those who are very concerned about privacy issues, Qwant is a solution for safe browsing without worrying about data misuse. Qwant has a more 'crowded' visual compared to Google, and just like Ecosia, it is also a modified version of Bing.

On its website, Qwant mentions that they do not use cookies or any tracking devices when their users browse. Local storage is only used to store your settings and data. In addition, any personal data connected to the ID will also be deleted after you cancel your account.

3. Peekier Search Engines

Alternative Search Engines

A search engine that doesn't store user data is worth a try. Peekier is one of the most privacy-conscious search engines for users. This search engine policy reaffirms that they do not log personal information or track users during browsing sessions.

Besides being safe, Peekier also has a minimalist design. The quick results feature is displayed in a small preview card, and search results are taken from Bing. It has no filters but provides the option to select a region.

4. Swisscows Search Engines

Search Engines Besides Google Search

The next alternative search engine is Swisscows, formerly known as Hulbee. Swiss cows are the same search engine as the previous two, focused on user privacy. This is perfect for parents who want "kid-friendly" search results for their children.

Swisscows has filters for pornographic and violent content, which cannot be tampered with. In addition, it also does not store personal data, IP addresses, search keywords, and others. A high level of privacy makes Swisscows one of the best search engine alternatives to Google. And one more thing, search results on search engines are taken from Bing.

5. SearX Search Engines

Search Engines Besides Google Search

Next up is SearX, which aims to make the internet freer where users have full authority over its use. This search engine does not collect your data and offers unbiased search results from multiple sources.

This search engine accepts search results from several sources, including well-known ones like Google, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo. SearX itself is an open-source search engine where you can customize it and store it on your server. It is recommended for those who like to search for torrent files.

6. StartPage Search Engines

Search Engines Besides Google Search

StartPage presents search results from Google but without tracking and storing user search data. Apart from that, StartPage also offers a proxy feature to browse sites safely and anonymously.

Furthermore, StartPage also promotes cookie-free internet. StartPage has a custom URL builder that eliminates the need to set cookies. Hence, it can save your settings more privately. Plus, it also provides various theme options from classic mode to dark mode.

7. DuckDuckGo Search Engines

Search Engines Besides Google Search

The last alternative search engine is DuckDuckGO. Of all the ones on this list, DuckDuckGo is arguably the most popular. Since its launch in 2008, DuckDuckGo has established itself as anti-google by bringing privacy assurance to its main selling point.

It also has a clean UI and presents search results from Yahoo, Yandex, and other search engines besides Google. Interestingly, DuckDuckGo brings a cool feature called “bangs”. With the "bangs" feature, you can search directly on sites like Amazon, Wikipedia, or YouTube. The trick is to start the search with an exclamation point (example: !a, !w).

Those were the reviews and recommendations for the most interesting search engine alternatives to Google Search to try. How about you? Have you ever tried the cool search engine above?

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